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Corporate Wellness Programs

As a hiking guide and outdoors advocate, I’ve worked first-hand with many organizations to create hiking-based corporate wellness programs that lead to happy, healthy, and productive employees. My corporate wellness programs include trail time, nature immersion, and outdoor skill-building. The results so far have been incredible. Participants have reported feeling more focused, calm, empowered, and confident. And all while having fun being outdoors.

Corporate Wellness Services

I offer several types of hiking-based corporate wellness services.

The guided hikes are for

The hikes are done between 2-2.5 miles an hour (a comfortable walking pace). We hike together as a group at all times. It’s not a race.

Generally the curriculum that works best is

I also do on-demand hikes and outdoors education including:

I don’t sell an app or product, but instead work with you to customize and outdoors-based wellness program that works for your organization. I do offer guided hike services as part of the curriculum. Contact me to discuss your specific needs.


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The Benefits Of Hiking & Corporate Wellness

The great thing about a hiking-based corporate wellness program is that it combines the benefits of light exercise with the benefits of nature immersion. Each session empowers participants to feel comfortable in the outdoors, which transfers to the workplace and their lives.

Why Cris Hazzard?

Cris Hazzard 4 Mile Trail Yosemite

As a professional hiking guide with extensive corporate experience, I’m in a unique position to understand how to best make an outdoors-baed wellness program work for you. I have personal experience participating in corporate wellness programs, I’ve lead hiking wellness groups as an entrepreneur and business owner, and I’ve seen it work as a hiking guide (working with organizations). You can read about my story here, and you can get an idea of what my guided hikes and qualifications are here. If you have any questions, please contact me.


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