hiking inspiration

Hiking Inspiration

One of the things that I love about hiking is that anyone can do it. There are trails for every level of hiker. It’s just a matter of getting your feet out the door. Here’s some inspiration from hikers who are making their outdoors dreams come true on the trails every day.

Why I Hike: Katie Goldie

katie goldie

Katie Goldie is a super talented outdoors photographer and storyteller. Having grown up in the Canadian Rockies, going the extra mile to get a spectacular shot is the norm for Katie. Her work is beautiful, inspiring, and unique. Here’s why she hikes.

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Why I Hike: Krystian Repolona

Krystian Repolona hikes

After working in the emergency room for some time and dealing with life and death on a daily basis, Krystian Repolona realized that life is too short and that tomorrow is promised to no one. He decided to make his dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail come true before it was too late; a journey which he completed last October. This year he’s heading out on the PCT. His photos are great at capturing moments out in nature and life on the trail. Here’s why he hikes.

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Why I Hike: Erin Outdoors

erin outdoors hikes

Erin Outdoors is a popular adventure writer, blogger, YouTuber, and Instagrammer. Her look at the adventurous life is a fun read, her images are great, and I really appreciate her honesty and transparency on a life of travel and adventure. She’s also worked with OluKai, REI, Zappos, and Chaco. And well, this is why she hikes.

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Why I Hike: Backpack Bren

backpack bren hikes

Backpack Bren has been traveling and hiking on the cheap in some of the most scenic spots in the world. The photos on her Instagram account are spectacular, and she has a blog that documents her travel and tips. Here’s why Backpack Bren hikes.

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Why I Hike: Kyle Frost

kyle frost

Kyle Frost is an adventure photographer, digital product designer, and lead designer at The Outbound Collective website. Kyle is based out Boulder, CO, and gets tons of trail miles under his boots in the Rockies. Here’s why he hikes.

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Why I Hike: Jess Miller

jess miller hikes

Jess Miller is a great outdoors spirit. She has a hiking blog that highlights her hiking adventures and offers tips on the hikes she does. She also has a great Instagram account with some spectacular shots. Here’s why she hikes.

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Why I Hike: Savannah Cummins

Savannah Cummins hiking

I first came across Savannah Cummins’ photography when I was researching hikes in the Tetons. Her shots captured those outdoors moments perfectly. Savannah is an outdoors photographer, climber, hiker, and genuinely outdoorsy spirt, and here’s why she hikes.

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Why I Hike: Kathleen Carney

kathleen carney hiker interview

Kathleen Carney has a job that most of us just dream of, she’s an outdoors photographer, and her shots are incredible. Her professional work includes photos for REI, Backpacker, and Outdoor Research. To shoot life in the outdoors, one needs to be in the outdoors, and for Kathleen, hiking is a part of that experience.

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