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Why I Hike: Erin Outdoors

Erin Outdoors is a popular adventure writer, blogger, YouTuber, and Instagrammer. Her look at the adventurous life is a fun read, her images are great, and I really appreciate her honesty and transparency on a life of travel and adventure. She's also worked with OluKai, REI, Zappos, and Chaco. And well, this is why she hikes.

Why do you hike?
Hiking is a way for me to hit the re-set button. When I am outside and moving, I can look at my life from a different perspective. It’s a way to connect with myself and this amazing planet we live on.

What’s your favorite place to hike?
Right now, my favorite place to hike here in Colorado is in the Flatirons or Rocky Mountain National Park. I’ve lived here for two years, and it’s been amazing to live so close to these places. That said, I spent a few years as a wilderness guide all over the world, so I have been fortunate to hike in a lot of beautiful places!

Where would you like to hike?
I’d love to hike the Dolomites in Italy, the Sierras in California, or to go back to New Zealand– there’s a lot there that I’d like to see again.

What’s the craziest animal you’ve seen on the trail?
One time I ran headfirst into a marmot. I was exhausted and watching my feet, so it was a total surprise. It was like when you do the “which-way-do-I-go” dance with someone. I think we were both pretty startled.

What piece of gear do you love and why?
My favorite piece of gear isn’t necessarily gear– it’s my journal. Writing is such a huge part of who I am and what I do, so I always have it with me.

What advice would you give to people wanting to start hiking?
What I hear a lot is that people don’t know where to start. My advice is to start close to home and take small steps. Stay safe but always ambitious. Get recommendations from friends and remember to have fun!

You can connect with Erin on her website at, follow her on Instagram at @erinoutdoors, and check out her YouTube channel here.

erin outdoors hikes

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