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Why I Hike: Katie Goldie

Katie Goldie is a super talented outdoors photographer and storyteller. Having grown up in the Canadian Rockies, going the extra mile to get a spectacular shot is the norm for Katie. Her work is beautiful, inspiring, and unique. Here's why she hikes.

Why do you hike?
Hiking for me is a mixture between an antidepressant and a physical pursuit. Being able to enjoy creating art from the landscapes on the hikes is just a bonus. It also has a lot to do with the anticipation of where I will end up. I often pick hikes that are visually stunning obviously because I want to be able to capture them with my camera. Having done research on where I am going and what I might be able to expect always sets me in a motion of excitement. I was thinking about what being outside does for me and have been getting a lot of clarity with the more time I spend behind my computer. Outside activity in any form is essential to my survival, it’s the only way I can properly explain it. I don’t think I would want to live a life where I was not able to access the outdoors and the beautiful natural places the world has to provide.

What’s your favorite place to hike?
My favorite place to hike is either in New Zealand or any of the Canadian mountain areas. New Zealand offers such a safe environment from predatory animals that it is hard to beat. Also they have hundreds of huts to meet new people, so I love hiking to huts in New Zealand, and the views rarely disappoint. Canada has a little less freedom, and a lot more rules apply, but the results in the Rockies are stunning. Canada has never disappointed for stunning mountain views. It can be hard to get bookings in the popular places, but when I do, I am completely driven by it’s beauty.

Where would you like to hike?
Hands down I would like to do a good month or two in Nepal, anywhere, but mostly the Everest region. I have no interest in climbing Everest, but the surrounding mountains are absolute stunning. I think this area intrigues me because of the scale of these mountains. One day I will get here, maybe this year.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen happen on the trail?
Thankfully nothing comes to mind. I have been really lucky to not have experienced anything too out of it. I did however drop one of my $3k Lenses off a ridge of a mountain. That really sucked, but my boyfriend comforted me by telling me “At least it wasn’t you who fell.” Still had quite the sting because we never did find the lens.

What piece of gear do you love and why?
Camera wise? I would have to say I love my 16-35mm for great large landscapes. It shoots such a crisp image and never fails me. Gear wise? My torn up, holey, battered around black puffy jacket. It is the warmest thing I own and comes with me absolutely everywhere. Doubles as a pillow, and I can’t stand being cold so that jacket helps heaps.

What advice would you give to people wanting to start hiking?
Find some friends to go with you! Or ask people who already hike if you can come on an easy one with them. Social media is great tool to connect with people. Don’t start too hard too fast because you don’t want to push too far to start. It gets pretty addictive once you spend some time in nature.

You can follow Katie Goldie’s adventures and check out her work on her website, www.katiegoldiephoto.com. I also recommend following Katie on Instagram at @goldiehawn_.

katie goldie hikes

katie goldie hikes