Hike Mt Lukens From Deukmejian Wilderness Park

Hike Mt Lukens From Deukmejian Wilderness Park

In This Guide
  • Getting to Mt Lukens Trailhead
  • What to Expect on the Hike
  • Turn-by-turn Hike Directions
  • Mt Lukens Hike Maps & Video
Distance10 miles (16.1 km)
Time5-6 Hours (Total Time)
Total Climbing3,897 feet (1188m)
Highest Elevation5,066 feet (1544m)
Dog FriendlyLeashed
Park NameDeukmejian Wilderness Park
Park Phone818-548-3795

The hike to Mt Lukens, the highest point in the city of LA at 5,066 feet, is a fun one that doesn’t get as much traffic as other more popular Southern California hikes. It’s a tough 10 mile loop with about 3,900 feet of total climbing, and you’re rewarded with great views and pristine wilderness, all within the city of LA.

Mt Lukens is the westernmost peak of the San Gabriel Mountains front range. Hiking to the peak gives you a glimpse into the mountainous innards of Angeles National Forest. Looking back to the west you have about 3,000 feet of prominence, with terrific views of LA and the Verdugo Mountains. On a clear day you can see from Catalina to San Gorgonio. The summit has radio towers on it, but who cares, it’s still a great hike.

Where is the Mt Lukens Hike?

There are a few trails to the Mt Lukens summit, and this guide covers the most popular loop route from Deukmejian Wilderness Park, which is only 20 minutes from downtown LA (if the traffic gods are on your side).

Use this trailhead address: Deukmejian Wilderness Park, 3429 Markridge Rd, Glendale, CA 91214.

Mt Lukens Hike Directions 3
The park is open 7am to dusk. Some websites list different hours, but I can confirm that every time I’ve shown up before 7am the gates have been locked.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 1
If the gates are locked or the parking lot at Deukmejian Wilderness Park is full, there is street parking around the entrance.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 2
Make sure you time your hike so that you’re back before the gates close.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 4
After passing through the gates, drive up the hill and bear right into the parking lot.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 5
The parking lot is a decent size but does fill up.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 6
There are water fountains to fill up your bottles and bladders. And bathrooms to empty your bladders.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 7
There’s also a cool little picnic area for a snack after your hike. I got here early when the coyotes were making their rounds on the trash cans.

Gear For the Hike

Although you could get away with doing this hike with fitness gear as many trail runners do, I strongly recommend using proper hiking gear. It’s a tough 10 mile hike and you need to be prepared. There’s also not a lot of shade so you’ll want to be ready for hot temperatures in the summer. Here’s what I recommend.

My Top Gear Picks

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Mt Lukens Trail Maps

There are several trails and hikes to the top of Mt Lukens and as I mentioned earlier, this guide covers the most popular route which starts in Deukmejian Wilderness Park and makes its way into Angeles National Forest. The hike heads up the Crescenta View Trail, visits the summit, then descends back to the start on the Rim-of-the-Valley Trail.

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I highly recommend bringing a good paper map with you, and then using it in conjunction with a GPS device. You can see the navigation gear that I use here (I’m currently using the Fenix 5x Plus and love it). Just download the GPX file below and load it onto your GPS.

Many people also print out this web page for the turn-by-turn images. And if you really want to get tricky, YouTube Premium lets you download videos for offline use, so you can download the hike video and save it.

Download the Hike GPX File

View a Printable PDF Hike Map

Mt Lukens Elevation
Yea, it’s one of those hikes. You go up, and you come down. One thing I like about this routing is that the descent is a gentler gradient which makes it easier to enjoy the views on the way down.
Mt Lukens 3d Map
The hike goes counter-clockwise up the south side of Dunsmore Canyon, then after a visit to the summit, descends on the north side.

What You Need To Know About the Hike

Muir Lukens
John Muir and Theodore Lukens, two guys who loved big beards.Photo Shirley Sargent.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 24
Keep your eyes open for evidence of the 2009 Station Fire. Here are some charred trees on the slopes of Dunsmore Canyon.

Mt Lukens Hike Directions

Hike Video

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You can watch this video in 360 degrees.
I have a version of this video where you can pan around in 360 degrees and see every angle of every trail junction, the trail conditions, and more. This is how you can use and view them.

View This Video in 360

Turn By Turn Directions

Mt Lukens Hike Directions 8
Finding the trailhead can be a challenge, there are a lot of paths around the parking lot. Head to the far end of the lot to start the hike.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 9
Here’s the trailhead as seen from the end of the parking lot.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 10
Hike up the walled path.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 11
Go straight through the intersection with the trail sign.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 12
Keep heading straight on the path through this intersection.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 13
Soon after the last intersection, you’ll see a trail to the right marked the Vineyard Trail. Head down this trail.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 14
You’ll cross Dunsmore Creek, almost always dry but after big rains it can be impassable. If it’s been raining, call ahead. Head through the little grove of trees and bench to follow the trail.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 15
Soon the trail becomes more evident as you gradually climb up Dunsmore Canyon.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 16
Keep your eyes open for an abandoned playground. It’s especially spooky when there’s morning fog.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 17
You’ll see radio towers on the peak above. That’s Mt Lukens. Only 5 miles of uphill to go! Almost there!
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 18
At the T-junction, hike right on the Crescenta View Trail.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 19
Now you start the real work as the trail climbs upward.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 20
If you have an acute fear of heights, there are some sections along the side, but nothing out o the ordinary for most Southern California hikes in the mountains. This is about as bad as it gets.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 21
Take breaks and soak in the views of the Verdugo Mountains and the canyons below. Here you can see the Rim-of-the-Valley Trail in the distance across Dunsmore Canyon, which you’ll be coming back on.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 22
Stay right at this little cutoff for a viewpoint. There a few places on the hike that have side trails to vista points.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 23
If you want to do some backcountry camping there’s a little windbreak along the trail about halfway up.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 31
Some maps have a trail going straight here, and if you use any kind of auto-routing, it will probably have you going straight here. The only problem is that there’s not really a trail here, at least anymore. In general you’re going to avoid the dead trail and continue up the switchbacks until you reach the firebreak.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 25
Make the hard right and continue up the switchbacks. Avoid the (overgrown) trail that shows a route straight here on some maps.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 26
There’s a little stone bench after that last switchback to rest on.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 27
Make sure you cut back on the switchbacks and avoid any trails heading straight.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 28
You’ll get some nice views into Pickens Canyon, the next canyon over from Dunsmore. Stay left on the switchbacks.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 29
Stay cutting back on the switchbacks, avoiding any trails off to the right (straight)
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 30
After the switchback section you’ll emerge onto Pickens Ridge. The trail follows a firebreak and offers a good place to catch your breath.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 32
The firebreak turns into a primitive dirt road. Keep hiking straight. Almost there.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 33
Eventually you reach Mt Lukens Road. Make the left.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 34
You get spectacular views into Angeles National Forest from Mt Lukens Road here. Notice Angeles Forest Highway and Big Tujunga Canyon Rd below.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 35
Keep going straight on Mt Lukens Road until you reach the radio towers. Keep your eyes open for mountain bikes.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 41
Here’s a map of the summit area which can get a little confusing.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 36
When you reach the complex of towers and buildings, hike straight through the intersection.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 38
Don’t linger too long lest you get irradiated.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 37
Head behind the fenced in area for the peak marker and views.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 39
Soak in the views, and look to the NW to see the trail that you’ll be descending on shortly.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 40
The summit marker is embedded in a big rock behind the fenced in area.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 42
When you’ve had your fill of the summit, head back down to the intersection where the towers are and make the hard left.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 43
It can be overgrown here. Just head straight.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 44
And eventually the trail, Haines Canyon Road, becomes more evident. There are great views to the east into Angels National Forest here.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 45
Stay straight on Haines Canyon Road and avoid the Old Mt Lukens Trail to the right.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 46
Avoid side trails to vista points unless you want a peek.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 47
Keep your eyes open for this post, where you turn off left onto the Rim-of-the-Valley Trail.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 48
You’ll get a nice view of the Rim-of-the-Valley Trail unfolding below. Also note the vista spurs and cutoffs.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 49
The main trail, while sometimes overgrown, is generally pretty gradual. The cutoffs are generally much steeper and don’t follow the GPX.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 50
Follow the trail down the switchbacks. Some sections can be overgrown, so again, it helps to have a GPX on your device.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 51
There are some minimal markers on the trail. Just go slow and keep your eyes open.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 52
Towards the end of the descent you’ll come to a shaded area of Cook Canyon. Keep hiking through the shaded area along the stream. Watch out for poison oak.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 53
After the stream, there’s a little uphill section. After the last 9 miles and long descent, it’s an ouch moment.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 54
Almost there. The last section has some twists and turns. Stay straight and avoid the Le Mesnager Loop Trail.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 55
At the plateau, bear left.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 56
You’ll see the park entrance down to the right.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 57
Stay straight and avoid any little side trails.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 58
Continue around a sweeping turn by some picnic benches.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 59
The trail comes to an end, make the right.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 60
You’ll be on the paved road that you hiked up next to at the beginning of the hike. Head down toward the parking lot.
Mt Lukens Hike Directions 61
And here you are, back at the parking lot. And that’s the hike.

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