Lake Hollywood Reservoir Hike

Lake Hollywood Reservoir Hike

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  • What To Know Before You Go
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Distance3.5 miles (5.6 km)
Hike Time1:30-2 Hours (Total)
Difficulty (?)Easy
Total Ascent (?)150 feet (46m)
Highest Elevation790 feet (241m)
Fees & PermitsFree
Dog FriendlyNo
Park Website (?)Lake Hollywood Park
Park Phone818-243-1145
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The Lake Hollywood Reservoir hike feels more like a stroll around a mountain lake than a hike in the middle of Hollywood. Just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this quiet lakeside hike is easy, serene, full of wildlife, and of course, offers great views of the iconic Hollywood Sign. It’s a great hike for beginners, those wanting to see the Hollywood Sign, or anyone wanting some peace and quiet from the city.

How to Get to Lake Hollywood

The hike starts on the north side of Lake Hollywood where there is easy and ample parking. You can also easily hit the trailhead with ride-sharing services.

Use this trailhead address:
Lake Hollywood Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90068

Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 2
There’s plenty of street-side parking on Lake Hollywood Drive, right before the start of the hike. The actual hike starts at the bottom of the hill.
Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 7
There are porta-potties at the beginning of the hike, and also at the mid-way point.
Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 6
There’s a water fountain and refill station at the trailhead.

Gear for the Hike

This is an easy, flat trail that’s paved for most of the way. You are best off with fitness clothing, but you can get away with jeans and a t-shirt too. I use trail runners and light hiking gear. Bring 0.5L of water with you, there are no water fountains or refill points outside of the start of the hike.

La Sportiva Spire

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Garmin Inreach Mini Beacon

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Lake Hollywood Trail Maps

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Lake Hollywood Reservoir Hike Map Downloads

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Fenix 6 Pro

I’m a big fan of GPS watches to follow my GPX track (which I also use as a sleep, wellness, and fitness tracker) and my current watch is the Fenix 6 Pro Solar (full review here). I load my GPX tracks onto the watch to make sure I’m in the right place, and if not, the onboard topo maps allow me to navigate on the fly. It’s pricey but it has a great battery, accurate GPS, and tons of functionality. If you want something similar without the maps and big price tag, check out the Garmin Instinct which is a great buy (prices on REI and Amazon) and does a lot of the same things.

Hike Brief

Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 5
The park is open from sunrise to sunset, and here are the approximate times for the months of the year. When the park closes, they lock the gate and you’ll be locked in, so time your hike accordingly.

Lake Hollywood Hike Directions

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Video Directions

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Turn-by-Turn Directions

Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 3
Start the hike at the bottom of the hill where you parked.
Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 4
Head through the gate for the beginning of the actual trail. This is the gate that gets locked at sunset.
Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 8
The beginning of the hike isn’t super exciting, just a paved path, but it’s nice and calm.
Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 9
After 5-10 minutes you’ll start to see Lake Hollywood through the trees.
Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 10
And shortly after that you’ll see the Hollywood sign in the distance. We’ll get some better views that are unobstructed shortly.
Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 11
Keep your eyes open for wildlife. Here are some mule deer that I see almost every time that I do this hike.
Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 12
In roughly a mile you’ll reach Mulholland Dam, which formed Lake Hollywood. It was built in 1924 and is still in great condition.

And for a laugh, here’s Hollywood Reservoir and Mulholland Dam in the 1974 film “Earthquake” with Charlton Heston. In this scene, the lake is the villain and kills one of the water workers. It’s a cheesy 70s film with a bunch of cameos.

Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 13
From the dam you’ll get the great view of the Hollywood Sign without the fence. The lake is also a haven for waterfowl, migrating birds, and hawks. It’s nice just to chill out and watch the water.
Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 14
At the end of the dam, make the left.
Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 15
And right after that turn, bear left to continue on the path along the reservoir.
Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 16
You’ll get your last views of the Hollywood Sign on this stretch of the hike. It’s nice because you can get the sign above your head without the fence.
Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 1
Head through the gates toward the road.
Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 17
At the end of the paved trail, cross the street and continue on the dirt trail along the road.
Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 18
Here’s the dirt trail right across the street from the last shot.
Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 19
The trail is smooth and easy to follow as it follows the road.
Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 20
Towards the end the trail becomes paved.
Lake Hollywood Hike Directions 21
And soon after that you’ll be back where you started. That’s the hike!

Did something change on this hike? If so, please contact me and let me know. I'll update the guide.

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