Millard Canyon Falls

Millard Canyon Falls Hike

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Distance2.8 miles (4.5 km)
Other Options 1.4 miles - 1-1:30 hours
Hike Time1:30-2 Hours (Total)
Difficulty (?)Easy
Total Ascent (?)560 feet (171m)
Highest Elevation2,140 feet (652m)
Fees & PermitsParking Pass
Dog FriendlyLeashed
Park Website (?)Angeles National Forest
Park Phone626-969-1012
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Close to civilization but a world away, the short and shady Millard Canyon Falls hike follows a lush riparian habitat to a spectacular waterfall. The hike starts on a gradual downhill offering views into the foothills of Angeles National Forest, then heads through Millard Trail Camp and up through a richly biodiverse area to the fifty-foot waterfall. A shorter option cuts the hike down to about a mile and a half. It’s an excellent hike for families and those wanting a quick outdoor fix without a long trip into the forest.

Getting to Millard Canyon Falls

Millard Canyon Falls is in Angeles National Forest, and you need to leave a parks pass or Adventure Pass in your car when you park. If you are doing the full hike, use this trailhead address:
Brown Mountain Truck Trail, Altadena, CA 91001

Millard Falls Parking Options

Millard Canyon Falls Trail 2
The road to the trailhead is small and enters Angeles National Forest from Altadena.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 3
When you get to the trailhead area, make the right toward the white gate.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 4
There’s a small parking area at the trailhead. If the parking area is full, you can park on the dirt turnoffs down along the road.

Short Hike Parking

If you want to do the shorter option, keep going past the parking area and down the hill. Use this trailhead address:
Millard Trail Camp, 4041 Chaney Trail, Altadena, CA 91001

Big Parking Lot Millard Canyon Falls
There’s a big parking lot at the bottom of the hill.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 25
There are bathrooms at Millard Trail Camp, which is on the hike. They’re not the greatest, so go before you get here if you can.

Gear for the Hike

You can do the hike to Millard Canyon Falls in light hiking gear or fitness clothes. There are stream crossings and occasional overgrowth. Having waterproof shoes or shoes that can get wet is your best bet. Using trekking poles will help at stream crossings.

If you have kids, they will probably get wet when crossing the streams if there’s water flowing.

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Millard Canyon Falls Trail Maps

The trails on this hike are all nicely marked and easy to follow.

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Millard Canyon Falls Hike Map Downloads

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Fenix 6 Pro

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Hike Brief

Coast Range Newt
There’s an abundance of wildlife in Millard Canyon, but if you’re loud, you’ll probably scare it away. Keep your eyes open for the coast range newt, a local inhabitant and threatened species. Photo Greg Schechter

Millard Canyon Falls Hike Directions

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Heads up, many trails and parks are closed because of the Covid pandemic. Please call the park or visit the website listed at the beginning of the hike to see what the status is.

Video Directions

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Turn by Turn Directions

Millard Canyon Falls Trail 5
Go through the gate at the end of the parking area to start the hike.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 6
You’ll be hiking up Mt Lowe Road for a short stretch. If you were to follow this road straight you’d eventually reach Inspiration Point in about 5 miles.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 7
But we’re going to make the first left turn onto the Sunset Ridge Trail.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 8
Here’s the start of the Sunset Ridge Trail at that turn. Hop off the road and onto the trail. It’s 0.8 miles of downhill to Millard Trail Camp.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 9
The trail twists and turns into the canyon.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 10
When the trail comes out of the trees you’ll get some nice views into the foothills of Angeles National Forest towering above Millard Canyon.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 11
Follow the switchbacks down to the end of the hill.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 12
And soon the Sunset Trail will follow the bigger Channey Truck Trail.

If you’re coming from the short route, you’ll be walking down the larger road (above) from the parking area.

Millard Canyon Falls Trail 13
At the junction you’ll see a sign pointing you toward the falls.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 14
Join the road and head through Millard Trail Camp, which is on your left as you hike. The campground is first-come, first-serve if you’d ever like to stay the night.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 15
Hike straight through the campground, past the bathroom on your right.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 16
At the end of the camping area make the right onto the well-marked trail to Millard Falls.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 17
Climb up the small stone wall and hike along the trail.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 18
For the next 0.5 miles you’ll be crossing back and forth over the stream multiple times. Look for the trail heading up the canyon in the distance.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 19
The trail follows the creek up Millard Canyon. Just keep following the Millard Creek.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 20
Some areas have multiple options to cross. Just pick what works best for you.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 21
Keep hiking over the crossings as the trail starts to wind around to the left.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 22
And then, around a corner to the left, you’ll hear the falls in the distance.
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 24
And here you are, all 50 feet or so of Millard Falls!
Millard Canyon Falls Trail 23
Enjoy the area around Millard Falls, it’s beautiful. Don’t try to climb the falls; it’s a fairly common spot for injuries.

After you enjoy the falls, just turn around and hike back the way you came.

Did something change on this hike? If so, please contact me and let me know. I'll update the guide.