Mt Wilson Trail Hike

Mt Wilson Trail Hike

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Distance14.5 miles (23.3 km)
Hike Time6 Hours (Total)
Difficulty (?)Hard
Total Ascent (?)5,640 feet (1719m)
Highest Elevation5,712 feet (1741m)
Fees & PermitsFree
Dog FriendlyNo
Park WebsiteAngeles National Forest
Park Phone626-574-1613
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The Mt Wilson Trail is the oldest route to the summit to Mt Wilson. Unlike the popular route to Mt Wilson from Chantry Flat, the Mt Wilson Trail is mellow and lacks the crowds and kids looking for the waterfall. The Mt Wilson Trail offers beautiful views as it ascends the side of Little Santa Anita Canyon, and being the oldest trail, offers some historical landmarks as well. If you’ve only hiked Mt Wilson from Chantry Flat, I highly recommend giving this route a try too.

How to Get to the Mt Wilson Trail

Mt Wilson Trail Directions 2
The hike starts at Mount Wilson Trail Park. The bathroom is the building in the back.

Getting to the trailhead is relatively easy. You park on the street (for free) around Mt Wilson Trail Park and walk a few minutes up the street to the actual trailhead. The address to use is:

Mt Wilson Trail Park, 189 E Mira Monte Ave, Sierra Madre, CA 91024

Mt Wilson Trail Directions 3
There’s free street parking but you might have to walk a few minutes to the trailhead if you get here late and park farther away.

The neighborhood is residential so please be respectful of neighbors, especially if you’re leaving in the early hours of the morning. There are bathrooms in the park but are sometimes locked; try to go before you arrive. There are bathrooms at the summit though.

Gear For the Hike

This is a tough, long hike and you need proper hiking gear. Bring 3L of water, snacks, and proper navigation gear. When you get to the summit you can refill your water bottles and grab a bite at the Cosmic Cafe (check the hours, open seasonally). Sometimes there can be bugs, bring some bug spray just in case.

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Mt Wilson Trail Maps

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Mt Wilson Trail Hike Map Downloads

Download the Hike GPX File

View a Printable PDF Hike Map

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Mt Wilson Trail Elevation Profiles

Mt Wilson Trail Hike Elevation
The elevation profile is pretty straightforward, you go up. And up some more. The good news is that the downhill from Mt Wilson is easy peasy.
Mt Wilson Trail 3d Map
The trail climbs along Little Santa Anita Canyon until it gains Manzanita Ridge at the bench. From there it’s a short stretch to the old Mt Wilson Toll Road and then the summit.

Mt Wilson Trail History

Orchard Camp
Orchard Camp, at the halfway point on the hike, used to be a popular resort on the Mt Wilson Trail.

There’s a really great write-up on the history of the trail here if you want to dive deeper.

Mt Wilson Trail Hike Directions

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Video Directions

FYI I have a version of this video in 360/VR format. Not familiar with the benefits of 360 video? Then watch this.

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Turn by Turn Directions

Mt Wilson Trail Directions 4
Head onto Mt Wilson Trail (road) by Lizzie’s Trail Inn, which is right next to the Mt Wilson Trail Park.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 5
Shortly after walking up the road the “trail” trailhead is on your left.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 6
There’s no missing the trailhead. Lot’s of signs tell you to be careful, be polite, and all that good stuff.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 7
This short stretch of trail follows the road, climbs some steps, and then rejoins the road, which soon turns to dirt.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 8
Keep going straight on the dirt road.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 9
And go straight some more. At this point the dirt road transitions to a dirt trail.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 10
Now you’re hiking! Enjoy the trail as it climbs up the side of Little Santa Anita Canyon.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 11
Bear right to continue on the Mt Wilson Trail. The hard left leads to Jones Peak.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 12
The climb is tough but not too steep. Don’t forget to take breaks and turn around, the views are spectacular and you’ll be able to see the trail you hiked on earlier.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 13
At the junction for First Water, bear left.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 14
You’ll get some glimpses of the mountains in the distance as the trail continues to climb.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 15
At the junction with the Bailey Canyon Trail, continue right. Shortly after this you’ll pass a clearing used as a helipad. Hopefully you don’t have to take a  chopper out of here.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 16
The trail has some shaded sections as it makes its way past Decker Springs.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 17
There are some beautiful sections of trail on this stretch.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 18
At the halfway point you’ll reach the ruins of Orchard Camp. The trail continues on the left side of the camp.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 19
The ruins of Orchard Camp are a great place for a snack and hydration before you tackle the second half of the climb.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 20
Here’s the trail sign at Orchard Camp. Hike to the left.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 21
This section is steep but beautiful.
Manzanita Ridge
Eventually you arrive at Manzanita Ridge, aka “The Bench”, which will look familiar if you have done the Mt Wilson Loop from Chantry Flat. In this case you’re making the left to continue up the Gabrielino Trail toward Mt Wilson.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 22
Keep hiking up the Gabrielino Trail. There are some cutoffs here, please take the switchback to avoid erosion.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 23
This section of trail ends and you make the hard right onto the Old Mt Wilson Toll Road.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 24
The road is easy to follow and has a steady uphill gradient.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 25
The views into Angeles National Forest on this stretch of the hike are great.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 26
Keep your eyes open for this small trail turnoff on the right. Hike up this smaller trail to the summit. You can also take the road up but it’s not as nice.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 27
After a stretch on this section of the trail, you reach the end of the trail at the parking lot.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 28
Head across the lot to visit the Cosmic Cafe, summit, bathrooms, and astronomical attractions. you can also cut across the parking lot to the right for some great views into downtown LA. If you want a more detailed description of the summit area, check out the guide to Mt Wilson from Chantry Flat.
Mt Wilson Trail Directions 29
That’s the hike! After checking out the Mt Wilson summit area, just head back down the way you came on the Mt Wilson Trail and that’s it.

Did something change on this hike? If so, please contact me and let me know. I'll update the guide.

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