Runyon Canyon Hike trails

Runyon Canyon Hike

The Runyon Canyon hike is unique - it's a patch of wilderness right in the middle of Hollywood. Often visited by celebs, this hike's won a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, and is worth a visit.

4 / 5
3.5 miles (5.6 km)
1:30 hours
970 ft (296 m)
Trail Condition:
Unmarked Park Trails
Known For:
Views, celebs
Best Time:
Early morning, sunset
Park Website:
Hike Weather:

Runyon Canyon Hike Trail Maps

Google Maps trailhead:
2000 N Fuller Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90046, USA

Runyon Canyon Hike location
Runyon Canyon Park is in the heart of Hollywood, and 20 minutes from downtown LA. If you're staying in downtown Hollywood, you can probably walk to the trailhead.
Runyon Canyon Hike 3d map
This Runyon Canyon hike takes you on a loop of the popular trails in the park, including a side trip to a natural art installation.
Runyon Canyon Hike elevation
There's a lot of up and down in this hike, with the steepest climb at the beginning of the hike.

Interactive Map

Runyon Canyon Hike Map Downloads

hiking map on garmin fenix 3

If you have GPS device (I use this one by Garmin and I love it) for your hike, load the GPX file below into your device to navigate the hike. For help on loading the GPX file, read this article on converting and transferring to a Garmin GPS.

Also, don't rely on electronics as your sole means of navigation. There's a basic printable PDF map below, and I strongly picking up a good topo map too.

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Runyon Canyon Hike Directions

Runyon Canyon Hike trails

What You Need To Know

Turn by Turn Directions

Runyon Canyon Hike parking
Park on a street near the trailhead. This is 7am on a Friday. There were about a dozen spots open within 5 minutes of the park.
end of Fuller Ave
The entrance to Runyon Canyon is at the end of Fuller Ave.
entrance to Runyon Canyon Park
You’ll see the entrance to Runyon Canyon Park.
Runyon Canyon Hike gate
Enter through the gate. On this day, someone was selling water and snacks.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail
Once through the entrance, hike straight on the paved trail ignoring turn-offs.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail gate
After a few minutes, you’ll hike through this gate.
Runyon Canyon Hike dog sign
The lower section of the hike allows dogs off the leash. I’ll mention when you need to leash your dog below.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail
At about 0.25 miles, before the hike starts to climb, hike onto this smaller side trail for a short detour.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail
Keep hiking straight as the trail gets smaller.
Rock Mandala by artist Robert Wilson
At 0.4 miles, you’ll reach the Rock Mandala created by artist Robert Wilson. Soak in the good vibes and then hike back the way you came.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail
When you get back to the main trail, head left and hike up the hill.
Runyon Canyon Hike vista
At about 0.7 miles, there’s a nice flat vista. Make a sharp left and hike up the hill.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail
You can take a break on this bench before the steep uphill section of trail.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail
You’ll be hiking uphill for the next section of trail.
views of the Hollywood Sign and Hollywood Hills mansions
As you hike up, you’ll get nice views of the Hollywood Sign and Hollywood Hills mansions to your right.
Runyon Canyon Hike view
The climb is really steep. Catch your breath by turning around and enjoying the view.
Runyon Canyon Hike bench
After the toughest part of the climb, there’s a bench. Many people end of their Runyon Canyon hike here without seeing much of the park.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail
Keep hiking up the trail. At about 1.2 miles, the trail splits. Hike to the right.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail
The trail turns to pavement and winds through houses. Keep your eyes peeled, one of the houses here was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail
At about 1.5 miles, there’s a big side trail to the right, continue hiking on the main paved trail, avoiding all side trails.
Runyon Canyon Hike fence
At about 1.75 miles, you’ll reach another entrance to Runyon Canyon Park. Hike left along the inside of the fence.
Runyon Canyon Hike fence
Continue hiking along the inside of the fence.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail
The trail will start to wind uphill and look more like a trail.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail
At about 1.9 miles, hike left.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail
A few seconds after the last turn, you’ll reach a plateau with some side trails. Make the hard right.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail
At about 1.95 miles, hike left at the split.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail
At about 2.05 miles, hike right.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail
At about 2.1 miles, join the bigger trail and continue on it.
Runyon Canyon Hike vista
As you hike down, there are lots of great vistas to stop for a photo.
Runyon Canyon Hike mansion
At about 2.2 miles, you’ll reach a big junction with a mansion. The mansion was started in 1990 but never finished or sold. It has it’s own 24 hour security guard to keep out squatters and kids who party. Continue hiking straight through the trail intersection.
Runyon Canyon Hike stairs
Just past the mansion, head left and hike down the stairs.
Runyon Canyon Hike rock
The trail climbs, then at 2.5 miles you’ll arrive at this slab of rock. Ignore the ‘no hiking’ signs and continue hiking right, up the steep little section to the top of the rock.
Runyon Canyon Hike sign
These signs look scary, but you can continue hiking, this trail is well used, just be careful.
Runyon Canyon Hike views
Once at the top, hike down the trail over the rolling hilltops. Lots of great views as you hike down this section of trail.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail
At about 2.8 miles you’ll reach the end of this stretch of trail. Hike left down the step decent.
Runyon Canyon Hike hill
Watch your footing as you hike down the hill. Sections of the trail can be slippery with loose sand.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail
At about 3.1 miles the decent ends, and you arrive at a fenced in section. Make the hard left and hike down the trail.
Runyon Canyon Hike trail
At about 3.2 miles, make the hard right onto the bigger trail.
entrance to Runyon Canyon park
Shortly after that turn, make the hard left at the other entrance to Runyon Canyon park.
Runyon Canyon Hike end
At about 3.4 miles, you’ll be back where you started, hike right to the park gate, you did it!
cris hazzard on Runyon Canyon Hike
Happy hiking guys!

A quick note. These directions are meant as a guide for the hike, and not a definitive source. Conditions change, and the information here can be different based on time of day, weather, season, etc. There can be small side trails that you might see but I missed. I have made every effort to include all the information you need to complete the hike successfully. I recommend using this guide in conjunction with a map, GPX file, common sense, and call to the ranger station or park office. If you do the hike and notice something has changed, please contact me and I will update the guide.