Goat Hill Overlook Hike

Goat Hill Overlook Hike

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  • How to Get to Goat Hill Overlook
  • Goat Hill Overlook Trail Maps
  • Turn by Turn Hike Directions
  • What You Need To Do the Hike
Distance1 miles (1.6 km)
Time1 Hour (Total Time)
Total Climbing70 feet (21m)
Dog FriendlyLeashed
Park NameWashington Crossing State Park
Park Phone609-737-0623

The Goat Hill Overlook hike is short, easy, and takes you to a lookout where George Washington once stood to survey the land around New Hope and Lambertville.  Actually, Goat Hill Overlook was used by both George Washington and British General Charles Cornwallis to view opposing forces up and down the Delaware River. Goat Hill is also known as Washington’s Rock.

Goat Hill Overlook is a 213-acre scenic preserve, administered as part of nearby Washington Crossing State Park. It opened in 2009. Before becoming a park it was going to be a quarry, and before that it was owned by the Boy Scouts.

This guide gives you directions from the trailhead, which is a short drive from Lambertville, NJ. You can also walk to the trailhead from the center of Lambertville (or New Hope). It’s about a 1.5 mile hike (45 minutes) to the trailhead from central Lambertville on lightly trafficked streets. It’s a nice walk if you have more time.

Getting to the Goat Hill Overlook Trailhead

Use this trailhead address: 21 George Washington Rd, Lambertville, NJ, 08530, USA.

goat hill overlook trailhead
Follow the trailhead address until you get to this turn off to the left. Head left up the dirt road. There’s no Google Maps address for the actual trailhead parking lot.

Gear For the Hike

You don’t need any special gear for the hike. Here’s what I would bring.

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If you want hiking gear recommendations, check out my full gear list. I only recommend and review gear that I actually use. No company pays me to push their product. Everything on my gear list is battle tested on the trails, and should work well for you too.

See The Gear I Use

Goat Hill Overlook Trail Maps

Fenix 5x Hiking Review

I highly recommend bringing some form of paper map with you, and then using it in conjunction with a GPS device. You can see the navigation gear that I use here (I’m currently using the Fenix 5x and love it). Just download the GPX file below and load it onto your GPS.

Many people also print out this web page for the turn-by-turn images. And if you really want to get tricky, YouTube Premium lets you download videos for offline use, so you can download the hike video and save it.

Download the Hike GPX File

View a Printable PDF Hike Map

The hike winds around Goat Hill to reach the overlook, where you get views of the Delaware River, New Hope, and Lambertville.

Goat Hill Overlook Hike Directions

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Turn by Turn Hike Directions

goat hill overlook trailhead
There’s a small parking lot at the trailhead. Parking is free. The trailhead is at the end of the lot on the right.
goat hill overlook trailhead
Check the hiking board for any information. On this day, not much is going on.
goat hill overlook trail
At the end of the parking lot is a gate where the trail starts.
goat hill overlook trail
The trail is wide and easy to follow.
goat hill overlook trail
Shortly after the start, there’s a trail off to the left. Keep straight, heading uphill.
goat hill overlook trail
Stay on the wider path, avoiding any small paths off to the side as you reach the ridge.
goat hill overlook trail
As you hike closer to Goat Hill Overlook, there’s some small trails to the left. Again, stay on the larger trail.
goat hill overlook
Eventually you come to a clearing. This is Goat Hill Overlook.
goat hill overlook
Enjoy the views, take your selfies, and then walk back the way you came. You can explore the smaller trails off the picnic area too. Most of them lead back to the main trail. Enjoy the hike!

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