Ralph Stover State Park High Rocks Hike

Ralph Stover State Park High Rocks Hike

The High Rocks hike at Ralph Stover State Park offers scenic cliffside views of Tohickon Creek and quintessential Bucks County scenery. This hike is a local's favorite.

4.5 / 5
2.7 miles (4.3 km)
1:30 hours
690 ft (210 m)
Trail Condition:
Blazed Trails
Moderately busy
Known For:
Cliff Views, Creek Views
Best Time:
Any time

High Rocks Hike Trail Maps

Google Maps trailhead:
5987 State Park Rd, Plumstead Township, PA, 18947, USA

Hike Location

ralph stover state park high rocks hike location
Ralph Stover State Park is about 80 minutes from Philadelphia, 100 minutes from New York, 60 minutes from Allentown, and 25 minutes from New Hope, PA.

3D Hike Map

ralph stover state park high rocks hike 3d map
The hike follows the cliffs above Tohickon Creek and then gently descends. Once you get to the creek, you go back the way you came.

Hike Elevation Profile

ralph stover state park high rocks hike elevation
There's a little climb in the beginning, then you gently descend along the cliff down to Tohickon creek.

Interactive Hike Map

High Rocks Hike Map Downloads

Download a GPX file to use on your GPS device. GPS devices are great to plan and follow routes, and there are tons of free electronic hiking maps that you can use. But don't rely solely on electronic navigation, always have a paper backup. Print out the PDF below, get a topo map, and/or print these directions.

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High Rocks Hike Directions

Ralph Stover State Park High Rocks Hike

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What to Expect

Turn by Turn Hike Directions

high rocks hike parking
The parking lot is pretty big. Use my trailhead address to get to this parking area. There’s a sign at the road into the lot, but no ‘official’ Google address for it.
high rocks hike bathrooms
There are bathrooms in the parking lot, as well as a picnic area.
high rocks hike start
The High Rocks hike starts at the bridge on the far end of the parking lot. Ignore the closed sign, it’s only for cars. Unless you weigh over 10 tons.
high rocks hike bridge
The bridge is pretty cool. Head across it and make sure to look over the side at the creek.
high rocks hike paved road
Go through the gate on the other side of the bridge and walk up the paved road.
high rocks hike side trail
Right after you start up the road, there’s a trail leading to the creek on the right. Stay on the road.
high rocks hike road
The road goes through a residential area. Keep your eyes open for cars.
high rocks hike right turn
At about 0.5 miles, look for the hidden trail start on the right, after the sign.
high rocks hike trail start
The start of the trail is easy to miss. This is what it looks like. There should be a yellow blaze but it might be faint.
high rocks hike trail
After a minute or two the trail becomes much more defined.
high rocks hike trail yellow blaze
Look for a yellow blaze as you continue.

A note about the blazes. There’s a white blaze, yellow blaze, and red dot blaze. The trails here used to be marked much better, but these days they’ve been spotty. In general you want to follow the yellow blaze, but these directions are more precise. Stick to these directions or the GPX file if in doubt.

high rocks hike trail goes left
At about .7 miles stay left on the upper cliff. The trail to the right goes down to the creek. Not for us on this hike.
high rocks hike trail
The trail is well defined. Continue hiking straight. You’ll see some yellow blazes again.
high rocks hike trail junction
Continue straight through the junction.
 Argillite Overlook sign
The trail comes to a sign for the Argillite Overlook. Follow the arrow and make the hard right to the overlook.
fence on high rocks hike
The hard right brings you down to the fence by the cliff.
fence on high rocks hike
Head up to the edge of the fence.
high rocks hike views
The views off of High Rocks are great. Take it all in.
fence on the side of cliff
Continue hiking along the fence on the side of the cliff.
high rocks hike trail sign
As you hike this stretch, there are lots of view opportunities. Heed the signs and don’t go over the fence.
Tohickon Creek
You’ll start to see Tohickon Creek from the High Rocks Vista as you hike along the cliff.
rock climbing ropes
Keep your eyes on the ground. You’ll see ropes from the folks doing rock climbing.
trail turns left away from the cliff
Eventually the trail turns left away from the cliff. Follow the trail.
high rocks hike trail goes right
Soon after, the trail dead ends. Hike to the right.
high rocks hike trail descends
The trail meanders through the woods and starts to descend.
high rocks hike trail splits
When the trail splits just after 1 mile, stay right along the cliff.
high rocks hike trail
Continue down the trail as it continues downhill.
high rocks hike trail goes right
At about 1.1 miles, bear to the right.
high rocks hike trail
Continue hiking downhill.
high rocks hike trail left turn
At about 1.2 miles, the trail splits again. Stay to the left this time.
high rocks hike trail right turn
Just after 1.3 miles, bear right at the split.
high rocks hike trail
The trail is well marked and continues downhill.
high rocks hike trail hard right
Almost there! At about 1.5 miles you reach a big clearing. Make the hard right to head down to the creek.
trail to Tohickon Creek
The trail goes steeply down to Tohickon Creek.
Tohickon Creek
You made it! This is Tohickon Creek. Look for fish in the crystal clear water. In addition to bass, catfish, and perch, the state stocks the creek with trout.
cris hazzard at Tohickon Creek
Take a break, soak it in, and go back the way you came. Hope you enjoy the hike!

High Rocks Hike Video

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A quick note. These directions are meant as a guide for the hike, and not a definitive source. Conditions change, and the information here can be different based on time of day, weather, season, etc. There can be small side trails that you might see but I missed. I have made every effort to include all the information you need to complete the hike successfully. I recommend using this guide in conjunction with a map, GPX file, common sense, and call to the ranger station or park office. If you do the hike and notice something has changed, please contact me and I will update the guide.