Hiking on Catalina Island to Parsons Landing Campsite
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sitton peak hike

Orange County Hiking

There is an Orange County hiking trail for everyone, from tough mountain hikes, to hidden waterfalls, to pristine coastal hikes with ocean views.  Cleveland National Forest in the east is a vast treasure trove of primitive hikes away from the malls and developments in Orange County. Because the area is somewhat affluent, the Orange County Parks Department is one of the best in the USA. And if you just need an easy hike to reconnect with nature, a beach hike is easy enough and requires little preparation.

Here are my favorites, along with a full list of Orange County hiking below.

Best Beginner’s Hike

Whiting Ranch Hiking: Red Rock Canyon

If you’re not yet ready for hardcore Orange County hiking, try the gradual hike to Red Rock Canyon at Whiting Ranch park. It’s a gradual climb to a hidden Red Rock sandstone formation. It’s a nice family friendly hike as well.

Red Rock Canyon Hike Full Directions

Best Ocean View Hike

Crystal Cove Hike

Crystal Cove State Park is an oasis of trails in between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. You can hike from the ocean all the way up to Coastal Peak. This Crystal Cove hike takes you on the best of trails, with the most gentle route to the top. On clear days you’ll be able to see from Mt. Baldy to Catalina.

Crystal Cove Hike Directions

Best Easy Mountain Peak Hike

sitton peak hike

Sitton Peak feels like it should be higher. The hike isn’t a total breeze, but is doable for anyone with a basic level of fitness. And the peak offers 360 degree views that feel like one of the San Jacinto summits.

Sitton Peak Hike Directions

Best Orange County Mountain Hike

Saddleback Mountain Hike

Saddleback Mountain is the peak that dominates Orange County. Saddleback Mountain is actually two peaks, the lower is Modjeska Peak, the higher (with the towers) is Santiago Peak. Both hikes are very challenging but have a big payoff in incredible views. I’d recommend doing Santiago Peak, the hike is not so technical and you focus on getting to the summit. The summit of Modeska Peak is much cooler, so if you’re an experienced hiker, you can give that a try.

Hike Directions Saddleback Mountain

Toughest Mountain Hike

Modjeska Peak hike

Although it’s the lower hump in Saddleback Mountain (and the 2nd highest point in the OC), the Modjeska Peak hike can kick your butt. Unlike the well groomed trails to Santiago Peak, the trails to Modjeska are steep and primitive. If you are an experienced hiker and want a challenge, give Modjeska Peak a shot.

Modjeska Peak Hike Directions

Orange County Hiking Map

Orange County Hiking List

Name Miles Climbing Difficulty Dogs
Hike the Pumpkin Rock Trail1.2370EasyYes
Hike Holy Jim Falls Trail2.8650EasyYes
Whiting Ranch Hiking: Red Rock Canyon4.2420EasyNo
Peters Canyon Hike5.9680ModerateLeashed
Black Star Canyon Hike7.11100ModerateYes
Hike the Bedford Peak Trail (Orange County)7.22150HardYes
Laguna Coast Wilderness Park Hike7.51210HardNo
Crystal Cove Hike9990ModerateNo
Sitton Peak Hike9.22200ModerateLeashed
Caspers Wilderness Park – Hike San Juan Hot Springs10.52030ModerateNo
Modjeska Peak Hike155160HardYes
Hiking on Catalina Island to Parsons Landing Campsite153600EasyNo
Saddleback Mountain Hike (Santiago Peak)15.63920HardYes
Hike Indian Truck Trail to Santiago Peak215670HardYes

All Orange County Hiking

Hike the Pumpkin Rock Trail

The hike to Pumpkin Rock is one of those things you just have to do at least once. It’s obviously a great Halloween hike, and there are lots of photo opportunities. The trails to Pumpkin Rock can be confusing — this guide gives you the main route up, complete with parking and bathrooms.

Hike Holy Jim Falls Trail

The Holy Jim Falls Trail hike is an easy hike to a small waterfall tucked into the heart of the Santa Ana Mountains. The Holy Jim Falls Trail is family friendly and well marked.

Whiting Ranch Hiking: Red Rock Canyon

There’s a few Whiting Ranch hiking options, but Red Rock Canyon is the most popular for a good reason. The hike is mellow, easy, and ends in a smooth red rock canyon like you’d see in Arizona (but unique to Orange County).

Peters Canyon Hike

This Peters Canyon hike takes you on a 6 mile tour of the 340-acre Peters Canyon Park. The hike offers panoramic views and wildlife spotting opportunities, right in the middle of Orange County.

Black Star Canyon Hike

The Black Star Canyon hike is a local favorite for a reason. The hike follows Black Star Creek to Black Star Canyon Falls, and there’s even a haunted history to ponder as you hike through this beautiful part of Black Star Canyon Wilderness Park.

Hike the Bedford Peak Trail (Orange County)

The Bedford Peak hike in Orange County is a tough one with big payoffs. The trail to Bedford Peak climbs about 2000 feet in 3 miles, and your reward is great views of Mt Baldy, Saddleback Mountain, and Catalina.

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park Hike

This Laguna Coast Wilderness Park hike takes you through the best of the park. The trails wind through some of the last remaining undeveloped coastal canyons in Southern California, with great views, lush canyon paths, unique geology, and lots of wildlife.

Crystal Cove Hike

Crystal Cove State Park offers pristine coastal nature, ocean views, and well marked trails. This Crystal Cove hike takes you on a best-of loop, with great views of the mountains, ocean, and on a clear day, Catalina. One of my favorite hikes. There’s also a shorter route, see the hike details for more info.

Sitton Peak Hike

The Sitton Peak hike offers great 360 views of the Santa Ana Mountains, San Diego County, Orange County, and Catalina on a clear day. The hike to Sitton Peak is much easier than the hike to Saddleback Mountain, with views that are comparable. The trail has some flat sections to catch your breath, making it a great hike for beginners.

Caspers Wilderness Park – Hike San Juan Hot Springs

Caspers Wilderness Park is home to the San Juan Hot Springs hike, which is long but very doable. The hike can be done as an out-and-back trip, or you can do a longer 14 mile loop that circles Caspers Wilderness Park and offers incredible views.

Modjeska Peak Hike

The Modjeska Peak hike is challenging – long, steep, and sometimes primitive. The hike climbs to the second highest point in Orange County, Modjeska Peak. The actual summit is undeveloped and much nicer than nearby Santiago Peak.

Hiking on Catalina Island to Parsons Landing Campsite

Hiking on Catalina Island offers some beautiful options, but I think the hike to and overnight at Parsons Landing campsite is the best. You’ll camp on a secluded beach, with the sounds of the waves as your soundtrack. There are only 8 campsites, the hike is easy, and the scenery is breathtaking. Do it. Do it.

Saddleback Mountain Hike (Santiago Peak)

Hiking Saddleback Mountain takes you to the highest point in Orange County, Santiago Peak. It’s also the highest point in the Santa Ana mountains. This hike takes the scenic Holy Jim Trail, which is also the shortest route to the summit.

Hike Indian Truck Trail to Santiago Peak

The Indian Truck Trail offers an alternate way to hike Santiago Peak (Saddleback Mountain). The Indian Truck Trail is long, not too technical, and a great training hike for Mt Whitney.