Fletcher Canyon Trail Hike

Fletcher Canyon Trail Hike

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  • How to Get to Fletcher Canyon Trail
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Distance3.4 miles (5.5 km)
Hike Time1:30 - 2 Hours (Total)
Total Ascent (?)980 feet (299m)
Highest Elevation7,841 feet (2390m)
Fees & PermitsParking Fee
Dog FriendlyLeashed
Park WebsiteSpring Mountains National Recreation Area
Park Phone702-872-5486

The Fletcher Canyon Trail is a beautiful hike nestled in the Mt. Charleston Wilderness Area, within an hour of the Las Vegas Strip. The hike is a gradual uphill through a pine forest along a (mainly dormant) stream and ends in Fletcher Canyon, a beautiful slot canyon with 200 feet walls, water-polished rocks, and great views of Mummy Mountain. The hike is uphill but relatively easy, and is good for all levels of hikers and families too.

How to Get to Fletcher Canyon Trail

The Fletcher Canyon Trailhead is in the Mount Charleston area, about 45 minutes from downtown Las Vegas. The drive to the trailhead is spectacular as you transition from the desert to the alpine scenery of Spring Mountains National Recreation Area.

Use this trailhead address: Fletcher Canyon Trailhead, Mt Charleston, NV, 89124.

The trailhead parking is on the left shortly after you pass the intersection with Rt 158.

There is plenty of parking but it does fill up quickly on weekends.

Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 2
The parking lot is on the left side as you go up Route 157 toward Mt Charleston
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 4
There are primitive bathrooms at the trailhead.

Gear For the Hike

Palmers Chipmunk
Bring a camera and keep your eyes out for the abundant wildlife here, including the endangered Palmer’s Chipmunk, which is only found in this area and is pretty easy to spot. Photo Chris Lowrey/USGS

This is a mellow hike and you don’t need any special hiking gear here, but hiking boots will definitely help. Fitness or casual outdoor clothing will suffice in pinch. Bring at least 1L of water. In the winter there can be snow, in the summer it can get very hot (but not as hot as Vegas which is a few thousand feet below).

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Fletcher Canyon Trail Maps

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Here’s How I Navigate The Hike

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Fletcher Canyon 3d Map
The Fletcher Canyon Trail winds up the canyon in the shadow of the bigger mountains around it.
Fletcher Canyon Elevation
It’s a steady uphill grade with some very short steep sections, but overall very gradual.

Fletcher Canyon Trail Hike Directions

There’s something simple you can do to support these free guides!

Do not attempt this hike if there are thunderstorms in the forecast. Flash floods can wash down Fletcher Canyon quickly.

There can be water running in the stream depending on when you’re here. Generally it’s only in the upper reaches of the canyon/hike if at all.

Video Directions

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Turn by Turn Hike Directions

Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 3
Head past the bathrooms and across Rt 157 to get to the trailhead from the parking area.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 5
There’s a big sign marking the trailhead, along with some basic trail information on the trail board.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 6
There’s a basic map on the trail board.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 7
After the trail board the trail is well defined, easy to follow, and gradually climbs.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 8
The trail bends around to the left, with the stream on the right. The trail will go back and forth over the stream a few times.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 9
Right away you’re greeted with nice views of the surrounding mountains. There’s lots of fauna including pinyon pine, ponderosa pine, manzanita and mountain mahogany trees.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 10
Shortly after the start you’ll see a turnoff for the Eagle’s Nest Loop Trail. Keep going straight on Fletcher Canyon Trail.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 11
Here’s a closeup of that trail sign. If you want to add some distance onto the hike, you can do the 2.75 mile Eagle’s Nest Loop trail. It’s steep in the beginning but then gentle, and offers nice views into Kyle Canyon (the canyon you drove up).
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 1
The trail crosses over a wide wash back to left side of the stream.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 12
Shortly after the wash there’s a (marked-up) Mt Charleston Wilderness sign that’s good for a photo.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 13
The limestone cliffs tower above you as you make your way through the pine forest. This lush section attracts lots of birds.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 14
This next section can get a little tricky; it’s not the wide trail like before. The trail often splits and comes back together along the stream. If you hit a dead end, heavy brush, or boulder scramble, just turn back and take the other option. In general the side trails to the left climb up and over many boulder scrambles.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 15
Keep left and avoid the streambed.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 16
You’ll go up a steep little section bypassing a scramble, then back down.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 17
Continue on the left bypass, avoiding the stream bed.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 18
Keep left again on the well-worn path.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 19
You’ll start to see the canyon walls closing in around you as you reach the end. The cliffs on either side are above 200 feet above you.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 20
There’s one more little uphill section.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 21
After the climb there’s a flat area, do a hard left here.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 22
Almost there! The trail winds it’s way along the canyon.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 23
And here you are, the end of the trail, which dead ends at  Obstacle Rock. You can scramble up the boulders and rocks if you want to keep exploring. If you do, just be careful, the smooth rocks get very slippery, especially if there’s moisture around.
Fletcher Canyon Slot Trail
If you keep climbing up the canyon gets very narrow. You can explore but be prepared to scramble.
Fletcher Canyon Trail Directions 24
Once you’re done enjoying the beauty of the canyon, simply head back down the way you came to end the hike.

Did something change on this hike? If so, please contact me and let me know. I'll update the guide.

If you see trash on the trail, please pick it up and carry it out. Be a good egg and practice no trace principles.