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HikingGuy empowers everyone to enjoy the outdoors through easy to understand and comprehensive guides. From trail guides to must-have gear, to trail tips and wisdom, HikingGuy is recognized as one of the top web and video guides in the world.

What Is HikingGuy?

Since 2014 HikingGuy has been making trails and hiking gear accessible for everybody. HikingGuy is different from other hiking websites in that it provides a deep level of detail. For trail guides, that means visual turn-by-turn directions, videos, detailed maps, a common-sense briefing, printable maps, and downloadable GPS routes. The gear guides are not just superficial reviews, but instead include detailed analysis and tutorials on using the gear. A hiking tips section helps hikers enjoy the outdoors safely. The mission is to demystify and celebrate the outdoors so that everyone can enjoy their time in nature.

Who is HikingGuy?

HikingGuy is Cris Hazzard, a 40-ish outdoors guide living in Newport Beach, CA. Cris has a rich background that includes work as an outdoors guide, New York City tour guide, survival school graduate, digital marketing agency owner, art director, and various cogs in IT machines. After seeing the difference that HikingGuy made in people’s lives, Cris decided to leave his digital agency and create hiking guides full-time. Cris has a wife, April, and a toddler, Hudson.

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Partnership Opportunities


If your brand seeks to connect and form a positive relationship with outdoors enthusiasts, HikingGuy may be a good fit for you. In general, we are looking to form long-term relationships with brands that benefit hikers and outdoors lovers. We only recommend products and services that we use and believe in. We are open to non-traditional website integrations as well as traditional display opportunities.  Specific verticals that we see tremendous mutual opportunity in are travel, gear, and apparel.

Press Trips

HikingGuy is always excited to share new hikes and natural attractions with its readers, whether in the USA or worldwide. If your region is interested in promoting its outdoor attractions to a new audience, why not consider a press trip that includes hiking guides created by HikingGuy? Website integration can include an overall guide to your region and a series of detailed hike guides.

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