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Outdoor Industry Influencer Marketing Services

As an outdoor industry influencer, I work with great brands that are seeking content marketing partners. My audience is passionate and loyal, and that's because my content is honest, helpful, and easy to digest. Here are the influencer marketing services that I offer and how I work with brands.

Effective Outdoor Industry Influencer Services

From day one, HikingGuy.com has been about the content. To sum it up, my mission is to get people outside on the trail by demystifying the outdoors. Specifically I focus on:

In 2017 about 1.2 million unique visitors will come to HikingGuy.com, viewing about 2 million pages and  spending about 6:30 minutes on each page. Of those, about 10% will click through to a gear recommendation. I can provide a full stat and demographic breakdown upon request.

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My influencer marketing focuses on helping brands engage and develop relationships with individuals in the the outdoor, health, and fitness community. The key to effective brand and influencer relationships is content, and that is the focus of my site.

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My gear reviews are honest, easy to digest, mobile friendly, and in depth, with an average word count of 1800.

Unlike traditional influencer marketing where the message is diminished after a post goes live, my content marketing gets stronger and stronger. 75% of my traffic arrives organically via Google, and 15% arrives directly. Creating a content marketing or influencer marketing partnership with HikingGuy is a proposition that gets better with time, with traffic growing on average 127% each month.

How My Influencer Marketing Service Works

I only have one simple rule when it comes to content marketing or influencer marketing. I will only show or recommend gear that I love and use myself. What does that mean for you as a brand or agency? I want to use your gear or service before I recommend it to my audience. Trust, honesty, and transparency are critical to our success. If you have a great product or service and I can call attention to what’s great about it, the fan, you, and I all win.

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There are many ways to integrate your brand in my outdoors content. My content generally lives in multiple channels, the website, YouTube, and Instagram being the ones that resonate most effectively.

In general, I’m establishing long term relationships with brands and don’t do “one-off” sponsored posts. My most effective channels are web content, YouTube videos, and Instagram photos / videos. I can help brands by:

I’m seeking content marketing partnerships in these industries:

If you’re curious as to your brand can be integrated with HikingGuy, please contact me and I’m happy to come up with a specific brand integrations that meet your marketing needs.

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Influencer Marketing & Content Marketing FAQ

Will you put display ads on your site?


Will you do product giveaways or contests?


Will you do influencer marketing in return for gear or merchandise?


Will we deal directly with you, or do you have representation?

Me directly, there are no middlemen.

Can we have exclusive sponsorship of a vertical?


Can you tell me about the specific demographics of your audience?

From a high level, 80% of my audience is between 18-45 years old, 57% male, 43% female. Contact me and I can provide a complete demographic breakdown.

Are there other content areas that you will be covering?

Yes, just contact me and I can share the content roadmap of the site.

Can I put tracking code on your site/links/content?

In general, yes. I’m open to implementing a technical solution to help you measure ROI.

Can we amplify your sponsored content?


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