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About Hiking Guy (aka Cris Hazzard)

I'm Hiking Guy, aka Cris Hazzard. I like to get outdoors, walk, and then write about it. It wasn't always like that though.

As a kid, I played outside like everyone else in my generation. I didn’t have an especially outdoorsy childhood experience. We rode BMX bikes around, got into trouble, and then tried to get out of it. As a teenager and “young adult” I was an elite bike racer. Like Lance Armstrong, without the doping and bullying.

Then I graduated college. And life happened. And by life, I mean work. As the years went on, my fitness level went down, as did my health and happiness. Thousands of hours in front of computer screens started to take their toll.

When life zigged, I zagged, and decided to take a survival course. I went into the woods with nothing but a knife, the clothes on my back, and an open mind. I learned that I could live off the land. I had a blast. I felt renewed, connected, and energized. I realized that a connection with nature was vital to my happiness and well being.

cris hazzard survival
Practicing building a scout pit shelter that I learned at survival school.

If you look at it objectively, humans have been around for about 200,000 years. That’s 200,000 years of being outside, intimately connected with the earth, sun, and stars. The culture of staring at screens all day has been around for about 20 years. So for 99.9999% of our existence, our DNA was wired to do something else than what it does now.

Getting back to “real” life, I went back to work, but made getting outside on a regular basis a priority. Hiking and camping was the perfect way to keep my connection with nature alive. And it provided a nice low-impact workout with lots of fresh air and vitamin D. I noticed that I was much happier. Hiking every weekend provided a healthy way to balance out my life.

I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.
— Henery David Thoreau


My goal for this website is to make hiking simple, easy, and safe. Too many people look at the outdoors as a danger zone of killer bears, hypothermia, and blisters.

My hike directions make your time on the trail simple and straightforward by giving you images of every turn. This let’s you mentally visualize what the hike will be like, and remove any uncertainty that may cause fear.

I also review the essential hiking gear that will keep you safe and happy on the trail.  Along with gear reviews are tips and techniques on how to hike. Knowledge is power amigos.

My hope is that as more that people enjoy the outdoors, the more they’ll share that joy, and the more happy people they’ll be in the world. And from that will come respect, care, and stewardship of the earth.

If you have any questions, suggestions, anything, feel free to get in touch.

Here’s How to Get Started

It’s pretty simple. Just go for a walk in nature. If you don’t have wilderness nearby, find a park. If you want some beginner’s tips on how to hike, read this article on how to get started.

Another great resource is the 52 Hike Challenge website. The idea is simple. Go for a hike every week and see how it changes you. They’re good people.

Cris Hazzard FAQ

People ask me questions. Here are some answers.

What boot/backpack/GPS/whatever do you use?

I have a full list of my gear here.

What’s your favorite place to hike?

I love hiking in Switzerland. In 1997 I lived there for a year and did a ton of hikes. I hope to revisit them and post them on the site.

These days I love hiking anywhere in San Bernardino National Forest, with Cucamonga Peak and Ontario Peak being my favorites.

a fun trail outside of Luzerne Switzerland
A fun trail I did outside of Luzerne, Switzerland.

What’s your least favorite place to hike?

Well, I don’t have a specific place, but I really hate hiking anywhere with crowds. So this means the popular hikes. I love hiking alone with my thoughts or with a select friend or two. When I do hikes that are popular, I do them at sunrise to avoid the crowds.

What’s the hardest hike you’ve ever done?

Cactus to Clouds, followed by Mt Whitney

Have you ever gotten lost hiking?

Thousands of times. I use a GPS watch with a GPX track loaded, printed directions, a map, and GaiaGPS (with offline maps on my iPhone) to make sure that getting lost simply means turning around and retracing my steps. If I get into real trouble, I carry a satellite text message device and an emergency GPS beacon.

What outdoors school did you go to?

I went to Tom Brown’s Tracker School. Tom Brown has a bit of a cult-like following, which I’m not really into. But the class is solid and you will learn a lot. Tom Brown has written some great narratives and outdoor guides.

cris hazzard survival
Practicing building a scout pit shelter that I learned at survival school.

Do you also go backpacking?

I haven’t done any long trips like the AT or PCT (yet!), but I do occasionally do 2-4 day trips. Have a good trip that I should check out? Let me know about it.

How did you start your blog?

I started with a WordPress theme and started sharing. As time went on, I evolved the website based on your feedback into what it is now.

Is this your full time job?

No, I’m a partner at a creative agency, Sanborn. We do websites, social media, video, and all things interactive. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

How long does it take to write a post?

Usually it takes anywhere from 4 to 20 hours, depending on how long it is. I write it, let it sit, then go back and proof read it.

What about guest blogging?

I’m not currently accepting posts by guest bloggers, but I will do guest blog on other sites.

I only review what I use and like. I choose my gear by doing research on REI, Amazon, and other blogs. I don’t post reviews for gear that doesn’t meet the cut.

Will you review product X?

I will only recommend gear, brands, and services that I personally use and love.

Can I link to your site?

Please do! Links to are great. Copying content is not. If you want to quote my content, it’s licensed under a Creative Commons license. You simply have to attribute as the source and link back to the site.

Can I use your photos?

Most of them you can. My images are licensed under a Creative Commons license. You simply have to attribute as the source and link back. Check the footer of each page for any image restrictions.

How can I ask you a question?

Sure, email me.

Why haven’t you responded to my question?

I answer every message, but please be patient. I’m usually not able to instantly respond to messages, but can generally get back to you within a few days or so.