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Best Hiking Gear 2019

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Don’t waste your money on gear that’s no good; I’ve already done that for you! Here’s my trail-tested best hiking gear list for 2018, updated regularly. I only recommend hiking gear that I’ve used over hundreds of miles. I don’t post any paid reviews and don’t waste your time with gear that I try but isn’t up to snuff.

For most gear on this site, I link to REI, and when you click on the link and purchase the item, I receive a very small affiliate commission. I use that commission to pay for website hosting and other costs of running HikingGuy. So please use the links on this page to buy your gear. Think of it as an easy way to support free hiking guides for everyone.

And don’t forget, use your gear at home first on a simple walk and get used to it before you take it out on the trail. Unboxing and setting up at the trailhead is usually a recipe for bad times.

Must-Have Gear

Inreach Mini Review

If you ever hike out of cellphone range, you need this. The Garmin InReach Mini allows you to send and receive text messages where cell phones don’t work using satellite technology. You can tell your family you’re okay, that you’re running late, or signal for a full blow emergency to search and rescue. It also has weather reports and navigation tools. It’s worth every cent, and you can read my in-depth review here or go right to REI and read the reviews and specs. There’s also a larger version called the inReach Explorer that comes with topo maps, and my review for that is here.

Garmin InReach Mini Prices & Reviews

Fenix 5x Plus

I use this Fenix 5x Plus GPS mapping watch every day.  The Garmin Fenix 5x Plus is a GPS with topo maps that you wear on your wrist. I use it to track my hikes and also load GPX tracks onto it that I want to follow.  I don’t do a lot of on the fly planning using the maps on the watch, but I can if I need to. Outside of hiking, I use the Fenix t to track my heart rate, my sleep, all my other workouts, and it integrates with my smartphone. I have an in-depth review of the last (regular) Fenix 5x if you want to learn more. A full review of the Fenix 5x Plus is coming soon.

Garmin Fenix 5x Plus Prices & Reviews

Resting On Blady

I’m testing the Garmin 66i now and so far so good. There are a few little hiccups that will be resolved by firmware updates, but overall a solid mapping and backcountry communications device.

Hiking Clothing

cris hazzard wears hiking clothing

I don’t like to have a lot of crap in my closet, so I just invest in a few key pieces of hiking clothing. In general I like clothing from REI, Columbia, and Kuhl. They fit well, are built for hikers, and wick/dry quickly.

This is what I use on the trail:

General Hiking Gear

Osprey Talon On Trail
My Osprey Talon 33 pack carries everything I need for a day hike, including an extra 3L of water (for a total of 6L with the bladder) as seen here.

Navigation Gear

hiking essential navigation
Using a GPS is easy, but know what to do when your battery dies.

Any good planner will tell you that backups and redundancy are important, and that holds true for your hiking navigation too. I recommend bringing multiple sources of navigation for your hike in case one fails or is incorrect.

Here’s what I bring:

Camping Gear

camping gear
Want to camp here too? Check out my guide to Parsons Landing.

I don’t do really long trips, with my longest being a week. Here’s what works well for me.

Winter Hike Gear

Emergency Survival Kit

Here’s what I carry as my emergency hiking essentials. Most of this gear sits at the bottom of my pack, there in case of an emergency.

Post Hike Recovery

General Gear & Clothing

Planning Tools and Software

Here’s what I use when planning hikes.

Casual Gear To Support The Site

Hiking T Shirt Store Products

I created a line of casual and lifestyle apparel to help support the costs of this website. Everything is top quality, reasonably priced, and designed by me. Every purchase you make helps support free hiking guides for everyone on this site.

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