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Hiking Gear

“What hiking gear do I need?” is one of the questions I get asked the most. The good news is that you can hike without any special hiking gear, but having some key pieces of gear definitely helps.

If you’re starting hiking and don’t want to invest in gear, I would go with:

If you’re enjoying hiking and want to get some key starter hiking gear, I recommend adding:

Checkout my gear reviews below to see what gear I use and recommend. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to enjoy the outdoors.

I get all my gear at REI, and here’s why.

Garmin eTrex 20x Hiking GPS Review

Garmin eTrex 20x Hiking GPS Review

The Garmin eTrex 20x is your best bet for a dedicated, outdoor ready hiking GPS. There are more expensive models, and smartphone alternatives, but for a lot of hikers, the eTrex 20x will give you the best bang for the buck. Here’s why I recommend it.

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The Modern Hiking Essentials

hiking essentials

The 10 hiking essentials are the recommended key survival tools that hikers should bring with them on every hike. The original 10 essentials date back the 1930s. Here’s my take on the modern hiking essentials and how to use them.

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Garmin Fenix 3 Hiking GPS Review

hiking with garmin fenix 3 gps

The Garmin Fenix 3 is my favorite piece of hiking gear, bar none. It’s like having an outdoors smartphone on my wrist, 24/7. The Fenix 3 has hundreds of features. Here’s what’s good, what’s not, and why you should get this awesome hiking watch.

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Best Hiking Shoe: La Sportiva Synthesis Review

la sportive synthesis hiking shoes

After months of testing, I can easily say that the La Sportiva Synthesis is the best hiking shoe or hiking boot that I’ve owned. This hiking shoe is lightweight, rugged, and has a great trail feel. I use it for everything now. Here’s why it’s so great.

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ACR ResQLink Review

rescue from ACR hiking emergency GPS beacon

The ACR ResQLink is the most important piece of gear you should own. The ACR ResQLink allows you, at the push of a button, to be rescued from anywhere in the world. If you don’t have it in your pack, you need to get it.

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25 of the Best Hiking Gifts from $9.95 and Up

hiking gifts

These hiking gifts are sure to put a smile on he face of anyone who loves hiking, backpacking, camping, or the outdoors. All of these gift suggestions have been used and tested by me – these gifts are the best of the best.

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Hiking Daypack: Camelback MULE NV Review

camelbak mule nv

Some other daypacks might have more bells and whistles, but the Camelbak Mule NV comes out ahead. This great hiking daypack is my goto pack for everything outdoors. Some of my buddies have other daypacks, but everyone ends up complimenting me on this great hiking daypack.

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Is REI Membership Worth It?

rei membership dividend

Is REI Membership worth It? It will save you 10%+ on your purchases and also has a lot of other benefits that not everyone knows about. Here’s how an REI Membership can work for you…

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Asolo Fugitive GTX Hiking Boot Review

asolo fugitive gtx for men

The Asolo Fugitive GTX hiking boot is one of the toughest and most comfortable. I’ve used them in all conditions, from desert, to mud, to snow, and they are bomb-proof. Here’s why you should get a pair.

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