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Hiking in Joshua Tree offers some of the most unique, rugged, and surreal scenery in the world. Joshua Tree National Park is where the lower Sonoran Desert (like the one you see in movies) meets the rugged, higher altitude, Mojave Desert. This unique ecosystem is not only home to unique species like the Joshua Tree, but also home to unique and picturesque hiking trails for all levels. This hiking guide has not only lots of individual hikes you can do, but also some helpful insider tips on hiking at Joshua Tree.

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Name Distance Level Location Climb Dogs
Desert Queen Mine Hike & Eagle Cliff Mine1.8EasyTwentynine Palms180N
Hike Split Rock (Joshua Tree) Loop Trail2.5EasyTwentynine Palms360N
Hike Mastodon Peak Trail2.6ModerateTwentynine Palms510N
Ryan Mountain Trail Hike3ModerateTwentynine Palms1060N
Hike the 49 Palms Oasis Trail3ModerateTwentynine Palms700N
Hike the Pine City Trail (Joshua Tree)4.2EasyTwentynine Palms280N
Lost Horse Mine Trail7ModerateTwentynine Palms1040N
Hike Willow Hole (Joshua Tree)7ModerateTwentynine Palms320N
Hike Lost Palms Oasis Trail7.4ModerateTwentynine Palms700N
Boy Scout Trail (Joshua Tree) Hike16HardTwentynine Palms1850N
California Riding and Hiking Trail (Joshua Tree)38HardYucca Valley3060N

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Tips For Planning Your Trip to Joshua Tree

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Be prepared for some dirt and sand roads to reach trailheads.

Check the Joshua Tree NP Alerts page before you plan anything. It will tell you about any closures or current conditions that might impact your hiking plans.

Suggested Itineraries for Joshua Tree

Weather Tips

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Oh yea, it snows here too. While not a regular occurrence, snow does happen and usually attracts big crowds out for Instagram fame and fortune.

NOAA forecast for Joshua Tree National Park is here.

Hiking Gear For Joshua Tree

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I highly recommend the National Geographic map of the park. It’s great to plan your trip and also great to have when hiking.

If you look on some maps of Joshua Tree National Park, you’ll see areas marked off as “wilderness.” Wilderness areas within federal lands are those set aside under the Wilderness Act to be (theoretically) untouched by human development, such as roads and visitor centers.

Wildlife & Plants When Hiking

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Everyone wants to see bighorn sheep. The park has tons of signs telling you that you’re in their territory, but they can be elusive. My best luck with spotting them has been sunrise near spots with water like the Lost Palms Oasis.

Joshua Tree Hiking FAQ

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