Joshua Tree Hikes

The trails of Joshua Tree offer some of the world's most unique, rugged, and surreal scenery. Joshua Tree National Park is where the lower Sonoran Desert (like the one you see in old cowboy movies) meets the rugged, higher-altitude Mojave Desert. There's a trail for everyone here, from short trails that take in the iconic scenery to multi-day adventures away from the crowds. Be sure to check out my Joshua Tree hiking tips page before you go!

Name Distance Level Location Climb Dogs
Hike Indian Loop Trail at Pioneertown Mountains Preserve8ModeratePioneertown1460Y
Panorama Loop and Warren Peak (Joshua Tree)8ModerateYucca Valley1750Y
Tim's Ladder Trail6ModerateDesert Hot Springs2100Y
California Riding and Hiking Trail (Joshua Tree)38HardYucca Valley3060Y
Hike the Pine City Trail (Joshua Tree)4.2EasyTwentynine Palms280Y
Boy Scout Trail (Joshua Tree) Hike16HardTwentynine Palms1850Y
Desert Queen Mine Hike & Eagle Cliff Mine1.8EasyTwentynine Palms180Y
Hike Split Rock (Joshua Tree) Loop Trail2.5EasyTwentynine Palms360Y
Hike the 49 Palms Oasis Trail3ModerateTwentynine Palms700Y
Hike Willow Hole (Joshua Tree)7ModerateTwentynine Palms320Y
Lost Horse Mine Trail7ModerateTwentynine Palms1040Y
Ryan Mountain Trail Hike3ModerateTwentynine Palms1060Y
Hike Lost Palms Oasis Trail7.4ModerateTwentynine Palms700Y
Hike Mastodon Peak Trail2.6ModerateTwentynine Palms510Y