Hiking Trails

Today it’s easier than ever to find hiking trails near you. This site has turn-by-turn directions for all the hikes, along with maps, GPX files, and other resources. The idea is that you can feel confident about where you are going, not get lost, and have a fun hike.

La Hikes

Hiking in LA

LA offers everything from hikes in the middle of the city to nice climbs in suburbs.

LA Hikes

Oc Hikes

Orange County Hikes

Everything from seaside hikes to rugged mountain treks in Cleveland National Forest.

OC Hikes

La Mountain Hikes

LA Mountain Hikes

All the climbs, big and small, in and on the mountains of greater LA area.

See the Hikes

San Deigo Hikes

San Diego Hikes

San Diego has beautiful oceanside hikes, mountains trails, and unique deserts to explore.

San Diego Hikes

Hikes Around Mt Whitney

Hikes Around Mt Whitney

Hikes in the Eastern Sierra, Mt Whitney, and on the drive to Mt Whitney.

Mt Whitney Hikes

Yosemite Thumb

Yosemite National Park

All types of hikes in this iconic National Park and all of them with epic scenery.

Yosemite Hikes

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree NP

Explore the unique desert landscape of Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree Hikes

Las Vegas Hikes

Hikes Around Las Vegas

Vegas is fun but it’s even better when you work in a hike to the natural areas surrounding it.

Las Vegas Hikes

Grand Canyon Hikes

Grand Canyon Hikes

Hikes for every level in the iconic National Park, including rim walks and hikes into the Canyon.

Grand Canyon Hikes

Phoenix Hikes

Hikes Around Phoenix

The best Sonoran Desert hikes in and around Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Phoenix Hikes

Columbia River Gorge Hikes

Columbia River Gorge

Explore these lush hikes are the best on the banks of the Columbia River.

Columbia Gorge Hikes

Philadelphia Hiking

Hikes Around Philadelphia

Historic and scenic, hiking near Philadelphia will get you out of the city and into nature.

Philadelphia Hikes

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, feel free to recommend a hike for me to include on the blog. I’m adding hikes all the time.

Other Ways to Find Trails

You can also check out sites like AllTrails.comEveryTrail.comSummitPost.org, and GaiaGPS to find hikes. I read Backpacker Magazine for hike ideas. Their website is also a resource but is kind of klunky. Search for hiking groups on Reddit for up to date tips and recommendations.

If you want to do a group hike, try Meetup or contacting a local hiking club.

Don’t forget hiking guide books. I actually prefer them over a digital resource because I can put it in my pack to help navigate. REI has some great trail guides that offer worldwide coverage. For UK and international folks, Stanfords is the ultimate travel and map geeks store, around since 1853.

National Parks are obvious great choices, but don’t forget to Google your state and county parks for some less crowded gems. Typically parks have PDF maps online to help you plan your hike. If you’re stuck in the city, do an urban hike. The important thing is that you get outside and get moving.

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