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Hikes Around Mt Whitney

Most people don’t just drive to Mt. Whitney, hike it and leave. A more common common scenario is to make a trip of a few days to Mt Whitney, maybe acclimatize, and enjoy the area. Even for those not hiking Mt Whitney, a trip through the I-395 and Eastern Sierra area is a fun place to explore and do some great hikes. Here are some hikes around Mt Whitney that you can enjoy whether you’re going for the summit or not.

Name Distance Level Location Climb Dogs
Red Mountain Hike (Mojave Desert)5.5HardRandsburg1900Y
Cottonwood Lakes Hike13ModerateLone Pine1350Y
Lone Pine Lake Hike5.6ModerateLone Pine1900Y
Fossil Falls Hike0.5EasyOlancha30Y
Hagen Canyon Trail Hike (California)1.2EasyCantil120N
Red Cliffs Trail Hike - Red Rock Canyon SP0.9EasyCantil120N
Hike the Mobius Arch Loop Trail0.6EasyLone Pine65Y
Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest Hike4.4ModerateBishop900Y
White Mountain Peak Hike (California)15HardBishop3360Y
Mt Whitney Hike21.5Very HardWhitney Portal6960N