Zion National Park

Hiking in Zion National Park is some of the most classic in the USA. Of course, you have big-name hikes like Angel's Landing and the Narrows. But there are more not-so-famous hikes equally as beautiful. You can enjoy the pink, white, and brown weathered sandstone cliffs and mesas dotted with Ponderosa pines wherever you hike. The scenery is truly unique, as are the trails.

Name Distance Level Location Climb Dogs
Hike the Narrows (Zion) to Wall Street7.5ModerateSpringdale150N
Canyon Overlook Trail (Zion)1EasySpringdale180N
Observation Point Zion (East Mesa Trail)7ModerateSpringdale700N
Hike Scout Lookout (Zion)3.6HardSpringdale1100N
East Rim Trail to Jolley Gulch Viewpoint (Zion)6ModerateOrderville610N
Watchman Trail (Zion) Hike Guide3.2ModerateHurricane600N