Palm Springs Hiking Trails

Palm Springs has some great hiking trails. It's a unique spot in the desert at the foot of the highest mountains in Southern California, making it an excellent place for world-class hiking. There's something for everyone: short trails away from the crowds and epic mountain hikes (with or without the help of a tram ride). Leave the golf courses and pools behind to experience the natural beauty of Palm Springs.

Name Distance Level Location Climb Dogs
Cactus to Clouds Hike21Very HardPalm Springs10800N
Hike the Suicide Rock Trail (Idyllwild)7ModerateIdyllwild-Pine Cove1830N
Hike the Boo Hoff Trail Loop12.8HardLa Quinta2560N
Tim's Ladder Trail6ModerateDesert Hot Springs2100Y
Palm Springs Tram Hike to San Jacinto Peak11HardPalm Springs2620N
Hike Mt San Jacinto Peak on the Deer Springs Trail19Very HardPalm Springs5400N
Art Smith Trail Guide16.6Hard Palm Desert3700N
East Indio Badlands Trail Guide5.5ModerateIndio900Y
Ladder Canyon Trail & Painted Canyon Loop Hike5ModeratePalm Desert560N
Bear Creek Oasis Trail Guide9HardLa Quinta2540N
Murray Peak Hike (Palm Springs)7.5ModeratePalm Springs2000N
McCallum Trail Hike Guide2.5EasyDesert Hot Springs220N
Pushawalla Palms Trail Loop5ModerateDesert Hot Springs880N
Museum Trail (Palm Springs)2HardPalm Springs920N
Araby Trail Guide3.4ModeratePalm Springs1200N
Mission Creek Preserve Hike3.4EasyDesert Hot Springs340Y
Whitewater Preserve Hike - Canyon View Loop Trail4ModerateWhitewater790Y
The Cross Hike (Palm Desert)2.4ModeratePalm Desert770Y
Bump and Grind Trail Guide (Palm Desert)4ModerateRancho Mirage1430N
Black Mountain Trail to the Fire Lookout (Idyllwild, CA)8HardBanning2820Y
California Riding and Hiking Trail (Joshua Tree)38HardTwentynine Palms3060N
Hike the Pine City Trail (Joshua Tree)4.2EasyTwentynine Palms280N
Boy Scout Trail (Joshua Tree) Hike16HardTwentynine Palms1850N
Desert Queen Mine Hike & Eagle Cliff Mine1.8EasyTwentynine Palms180N
Hike Split Rock (Joshua Tree) Loop Trail2.5EasyTwentynine Palms360N
Hike the 49 Palms Oasis Trail3ModerateTwentynine Palms 700N
Hike Willow Hole (Joshua Tree)7ModerateJoshua Tree National Park320N
Lost Horse Mine Trail7ModerateTwentynine Palms1040N
Ryan Mountain Trail Hike3ModerateJoshua Tree National Park1060N
Hike Lost Palms Oasis Trail7.4ModerateTwentynine Palms700N
Hike Mastodon Peak Trail2.6ModerateTwentynine Palms510N
Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail Hike5.2EasyIdyllwild740Y
Tahquitz Peak via Devil's Slide Trail Hike8.5HardIdyllwild2350Y