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Whitewater Preserve Hike Featured
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Palm Springs Hiking Trails

Whitewater Preserve Hike - Canyon View Loop Trail

  • 4 miles - Moderate Effort
  • 2-3 Hours (Total)
  • 790 Total Feet of Climbing
  • Max Elevation of 2,760 feet
  • Leashed Dogs Allowed

what does this mean?

One of my favorite hikes, the Canyon View Loop Trail at the Whitewater Preserve, between Palm Springs and Joshua Tree, offers beauty at every twist and turn. The well-marked trail follows the Whitewater River Canyon until it reaches the iconic PCT and then climbs up to a bluff that offers non-stop views into the canyon and high peaks of the San Gorgonio Wilderness Area. It's a hike that's worth making a trip for, so give it a try.

In this Guide:
  • Video and Turn-by-Turn Canyon View Loop Trail Directions
  • Getting to the Trailhead in Whitewater Preserve
  • Insider Hike Tips for the Canyon View Loop Trail

When planning, always check the park website and social media to make sure the trails are open. Similarly, check the weather and road conditions.

Where is Whitewater Preserve?

Whitewater Preserve is a few miles up the Whitewater River from Interstate 10. The hike starts from the visitor's center area, which also offers bathrooms and picnic tables. Unlike most hikes where you can show up and hike whenever you want, Whitewater Preserve usually has opening hours and is closed some days to give the wildlife some space. Check the link at the beginning of the guide to confirm the hours.

Use this trailhead address:
Whitewater Preserve, 9160 Whitewater Canyon Rd, Whitewater, CA 92282

Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 3
There's a big parking lot as soon as you pull in.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 5
If that lot is full just go straight and there's another, larger parking lot.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 4
There are a ton of picnic benches in the shade to chill out and relax at.
Whitewater Preserve Trail Start
The Canyon View Loop Trail starts right at the entrance to the Preserve visitor area.

If you park in the lot, take note of the closing time. The gates are locked and you may be stuck in there.

Whitewater Preserve Alternate Parking

There are times when the Whitewater Preserve visitor's area is closed, but the trails are still open. Again, check the link at the top of this guide for the specifics. When this is the case, you can't park at the main lots and have to start the loop hike downs the road from the visitor's center.

Whitewater Preserve Trail Alternate Start
The alternate parking is a few minutes down the road from the visitor's center area entrance.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 2
The alternate parking area is along the road, just before you cross the river. If you go further up the road, it's all no-parking.

Gear for the Hike

This hike is in the desert, and in the summer, it can get very hot. I recommend going early or in a cooler season and still bringing some sun protection. Bring at least 1L of water for the loop hike. The trail is sandy in places but otherwise very well manicured. I use light hiking gear, but you can get away with fitness clothing.

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Whitewater Preserve Canyon View Loop Trail Maps

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Elevation Profile

Whitewater Preserve Hike Canyon View Loop Trail Elevation
While there's about 700 feet of climbing, if you're in decent shape, it's not a big deal. The climb has switchbacks to make the gradient easier.

3d Map

Whitewater Preserve Hike Canyon View Loop Trail 3d Map
The first part of the hike follows Whitewater Canyon. You'll then climb up to the top of the bluff on the PCT, and then head back down to finish the loop.

Hike Brief

Whitewater Trout Farm Historic Photo
The area around the visitor center used to be the Whitewater Trout Farm. You can see the trout pools when you start the hike.  When it went out of business in 2006, local conservation groups bought the area and it eventually came into the care of the Wildlands Conservancy. Photo circa 1950s from Banning Library District

Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions

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Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 6
The trailhead is by the entrance to the preserve. Look for the trail board.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 7
Read the trail board for any notices and continue on.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 8
Continue past the trout pond.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 9
Right after that is a neat trail distance sign on a stone, along with an interpretive display just past it.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 10
Continue straight down the path, avoiding side trails.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 11
When you get to the junction, make the right to continue on the loop trail.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 12
Your next landmark is the Pacific Crest Trail in 0.5 miles.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 13
Shortly after the last trail sign, make the left at the post to continue on the trail.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 14
Follow the trail towards the river and bluffs.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 15
You'll cross the river on a few little wooden bridges.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 16
Head up this marvelously engineered stone staircase.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 17
You'll see a sign letting you know that you're entering the San Gorgonio Wilderness.

What is a Wilderness Area?

Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 18
When you get to the PCT junction, make the left and start heading uphill.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 19
I love that the trail sign has the distance to Canada on it (via the PCT). We're just doing the slightly more modest Canyon View Loop today; three miles to go.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 20
Start climbing out of the canyon on the PCT.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 21
You'll get some great views into the canyon as you climb.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 22
Switchbacks make the effort manageable.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 23
You'll head away from the canyon, and if you look closely, you'll be able to see the trail climbing up the hillside and through the notch ahead.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 24
At the top, make the left.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 25
You made it to the high point! Head straight down the trail. For the next mile or two you'll be treated to nice views.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 26
Look for small use trails to the left which offer panoramic views into Whitewater Canyon.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 27
Continue on the trail as it heads away from the edge. The big mountain ahead of you is Mt San Jacinto, which you can summit from the bottom (Cactus to Clouds)or with the help of a tram ride.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 28
Avoid the side trails on the left for a hot second.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 29
Until the main trail swings around and comes to the edge.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 30
From here you'll be able to see down into the visitor's center area at Whitewater Preserve.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 31
And the lower peaks of the San Gorgonio Wilderness.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 32
After you soak in the views, continue down the trail.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 33
The trail goes along a fence, which is next to the sheer cliff.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 34
And then at the end of the plateau you'll start the descent.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 35
Follow the switchbacks downhill to the canyon.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 36
Towards the bottom the trail makes a hard left and is marked as such.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 37
And then you pop back out on the road. Walk up the road for a few minutes.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 38
And look for this marked trail sign on the left after you cross the river. There are a bunch of unofficial paths before this. Go until you see the trail sign.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 39
The trail is flanked with stones as it winds its way up the wash. If you're not walking on a path like this, you're not on the official trail.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 40
There's a marker half-way up pointing you to the right. And again, the trail is flanked with stones.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 41
This part of the hike is really pretty. You'll get nice views of the mountains as you head up the wash.
Whitewater Preserve Hike Directions 42
And soon you'll end up back at the parking lot by the visitor's center. That's the hike.

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