San Gorgonio Wilderness Trail Maps

From the desert to the highest peak in Southern California, the San Gorgonio Wilderness offers a trail for everyone. There are 81 miles of trails here, along with pristine wilderness, endangered animals, and natural solitude. My trail maps and trail guides include videos and have everything you need to know for a San Gorgonio Wilderness hike or backpacking trip.

Name Distance Level Location Climb Dogs
Whitewater Preserve Hike – Canyon View Loop Trail4ModerateWhitewater790Y
Dry Lake (San Gorgonio) From The South Fork Trail11.5HardAngelus Oaks2330Y
Hike San Bernardino East Peak From Forsee Creek Trail18HardAngelus Oaks4600Y
San Gorgonio Hike18.5Very HardForest Falls5470Y
San Bernardino Peak Hike16HardAngelus Oaks4670Y

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