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Hiking Gifts 2022 2023

Gifts For Hikers - 2024

Here's the no-fluff hiking gift list that the others copy. As a professional hiking guide, I always test gear and often have to recommend the top picks to my clients. So these hiking gifts are the best of the best that my clients love, from $16.95 and up.

Please use my links below to buy these gifts; I get a small commission that helps fund my free trail guides, and you pay nothing extra. Thank you!

Top Gift Picks for Hikers

Hiking Gifts Under $50

Black Diamond Astro 300 Headlamp

Black Diamond Astro

Best Insurance To Get Home Safe
I work with search and rescue departments, and the number one piece of hiking gear they recommend is light. That's because if you get lost or hurt and then lose daylight, having light can save your butt. This unit is solid, incredibly affordable, and runs on AAA batteries. It's an excellent gift for the casual hiker who doesn't hike at night but might need to one day. I use this as a backup and carry a more hardcore model since I hike at night more.
Lowest Prices: REI | Amazon

Does everything you need it to do. Bright and simple.REI Review

Gaia GPS Premium Membership


The Most Bang For the Buck
Gaia GPS is the most powerful and feature-filled hike mapping and planning tool out there. It runs on iPhone, Android, the web, your car, and the Apple Watch. There are over 100 maps you can use, including real-time snow and wildfire information. And now that it's part of Outside Magazine, you get all kinds of other benefits, including a subscription. And if you're getting an app for a beginning hiker, I highly recommend AllTrails Pro.
Online Gift Subscription: Gaia GPS | AllTrails Pro

Gaia is simply a brilliant outdoor activity maps and GPS app. Regular updates make it better all the time too. Premium subscription is worth much more than it costs.App Store Review

Walks of a Lifetime Inspiration

Walks Of A Lifetime

A Year's Worth of Inspiration
This excellent book gives your hiker everything they need to plan their next bucket list hiking adventure in the National Parks. I especially appreciate the backstories on geology, park history, etc., that make a visit more fulfilling. There's plenty in this book to browse through for an entire year. I have one on my bookshelf that I use it to help plan my adventures.
Lowest Prices: Amazon | REI

This beautiful book inspires readers to enjoy the national parks in the most genuine way — by walking them. .The National Park Foundation

Zpacks Lotus UL Umbrella

Z Packs Umbrella.j[g

An Umbrella? For Hiking?
I had seen PCT hikers use these over the last couple of years, but it always seemed silly. That is, until I used it. It's super light yet tough. I've used it in the desert heat and crazy downpours that would have been miserable in my rain shell. It held up in high winds, and now I use it regularly. Grab the little umbrella holster to go hands-free with it on your backpack.
Lowest Price: Zpacks

We bought two different umbrellas for our trek, and the Zpacks umbrella was the one that made it through the trip without breaking. Highly recommended.Zpacks Reviewer

SOL Fire Lite Fuel Free Lighter

Sol Emergency Lighter 2

Fire From USB Power & Flashlight
I carry the Fire Lite with me on every hike. It's a small, lightweight survival tool that includes a high-temperature lighter, a flashlight, and fire-starting tinder. It all works by USB charging, so no lighter fuel is needed. Instead, I charge it with the same battery I use for my phone and camera. For high-frequency use, go for the more durable Zippo lighter instead.
Lowest Prices: REI | Amazon

Would I buy it again? Absolutely yes. It does what it says. It weighs nothing and is dependable. I had no idea a flashlight was on the bottom; it's incredibly bright.Amazon Review

The Landmark Project Gifts

The Landmark Project

Something Cool & Unique for Every Outdoors Lover
What do you get when you combine great artists, people who love the outdoors, public land advocates, ethical manufacturing, and over $500k given to National Forests? The Landmark Project! They have unique and beautiful gear, everything from apparel, to home decor, to playing cards. I bring their playing cards on camping trips, my family wears their shirts, and I have their calendar hanging on my wall. If you can't find a gift for your hiker here, you're really not trying at all.
Lowest Prices: The Landmark Project Store

Super comfortable, high quality shirt. My closet is slowly becoming all Landmark shirts!Reviewer

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System

Sawyer Squeeze

Safe Filtered Water, Light Weight, & Dependable
If you look at reviews for portable water filters, there are a lot of mixed reviews. Sometimes they work well; sometimes, they fail quickly. The Sawyer Squeeze is the best option of all the filters that I've tested. Just screw it onto the top of a Smartwater bottle and squeeze out safe drinking water. Most AT and PCT hikers use this because, well, it just works.
Lowest Prices: REI | Amazon

The Squeeze is hard to beat. It flows fast, is lightweight, fairly small, and trustworthy. REI Review

REI Memebership

Rei Gift Card

REI Memberships Keep Giving For Life
If you're unfamiliar with REI's membership program, here's how it works. You pay $30 once and then have a lifetime membership (no annual cost). With the membership, you get 10% back on almost everything you purchase at REI, free shipping, exclusive gear offers, free flat tire fixes for your bike, and a ton of other things. Buy them an online gift card for $30 and your hiker can sign up themselves.
$30 Gift Card for Membership: REI

AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press

Aeropress Go

If You Like Good Coffee, Get This
Having a good cup of coffee when camping or doing a long hike can be a game changer, especially if you didn't sleep well in your tent. The Aeropress Go brews the smoothest and most rich blend with no bitter or acid taste. It packs up small and is one of those luxuries I bring along to make my spectacular campsite even better. I even use it when traveling to avoid the horrible hotel coffee.
Lowest Prices: REI | Amazon

I just took this bad boy on a 40-mile backpacking weekend. Huge improvement to my life over instant coffee. REI Review

Titanium Micro-Blade Knife

Zpacks Knife

You Don't Need a Huge Blade
I used to be guilty of carrying around a Swiss Army knife. It was cool, but how many times did I use its extra tools on the trail? Zero times in thousands of miles. So now I carry this extremely lightweight and strong titanium blade. It does the job and weighs just about nothing.
Lowest Price: Zpacks

SOL Thermal Bivy

Sol Thermal Bivy

Just In Case You Have to Spend the Night
If you're caught out overnight and need to stay warm and safe, you need an emergency thermal bivy. Think of it as a lightweight sleeping bag that reflects your body heat. This model is reasonably durable and lightweight. It also comes in handy over a sleeping bag for extra warmth when camping.
Lowest Prices: Amazon | REI

I recently went on a camping trip where the weather turned very quickly, and we were hit with a blizzard out of nowhere. This bivy was able to keep me warm enough in the below-zero temperatures to wait for a break in the storm and get back to safety. I would recommend this to anyone as it, quite frankly did save me.REI Review

Hiking Gifts Between $50 and $100

America the Beautiful Pass - 2023/24

America The Beautiful

It Gets You Into All Federal Land
This might be my favorite gift and one I use all the time. This pass gets you into every National Park, National Monument, Historic Site, National Forest, BLM land, Army Corps of Engineers attractions, and more. And when you buy it from REI, they donate 10% to the National Forest Foundation, National Park Foundation, and the U.S. Endowment for Forestry & Communities.
Lowest Price: REI

A year-long pass to visit any of the national parks! Good for anyone in the car. I used it five times in one week in Utah.REI Review

Kane Revive Active Recovery Shoes

Kane Revive

The Perfect Shoe To and From the Trail
When you're not wearing your hiking shoes it's nice to have something a little more comfy on your feet. These are like Crocs but offer more support and are made with sustainable materials (not petroleum products like Crocs). And they integrate "recovery-based orthopedic principles" which is a fancy way to say they help your feet recover quicker.
Lowest Prices: Kane

You don’t even feel like you have shoes on!! Walking on a cloud is a great description!!! Reviewer

Kahtoola MICROspikes Traction System

Micro Spikes Gift

Unrivaled Traction on Slippery Surfaces
A pleasant stroll in the woods can become treacherous when the trails get icy or snowy. That's why I carry a pair of these micro-spikes, which are light, roll up into a small ball, and fit over any shoe or boot I wear. They're dead simple, highly effective, and have saved my butt many times. Awarded Backpacker Magazine's "Gear Hall of Fame" honor.
Lowest Prices: REI | Amazon 

I've used these for six years and they're still going strong.REI Review

GCI Outdoor Kickback Rocker Chair

Gci Rocker

Best Way to Chillax After a Hike
This isn't a piece of gear I lug around with me, but I carry one (folded) in my car. When I often finish a hike and want to chill out, or if I'm waiting for a friend before I hike, I'll pop out this super-comfortable rocking chair. It's got a spring-action rocker in the back, a beverage holder, and a phone pocket. And when I go car camping with the family, this is the chair everyone tries to get to first.
Lowest Prices: REI | Amazon | GCI

We are full-time in our RV and, over the last 15 years, have gone through many types of chairs! These are the most comfortable chairs we've ever owned.Amazon Review

Gifts for Hikers Over $100

Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Trekking Poles

Black Diamond Ergo Poles 2

A Tremendous Help on the Trails
For most hikers, trekking poles are an excellent investment. They help you dig in on the uphills, provide stability on loose downhills, act as a brace when crossing streams, and can probably poke away aggressive wildlife in a pinch. The Trail Ergo Cork poles are a good balance of light weight, durability, affordability, and ease of use.
Lowest Prices: REI | Amazon

Never knew I needed hiking poles. What a blessing they were on this last hike.REI Review

Patagonia Nano-Puff Jackets

Patagonia Nano Puff

A Jacket For All Seasons
Patagonia has nailed the puff jacket. These Nano Puff jackets are tested out by Patagonia extreme athletes, pack down into a small cube, and are nice and warm. I carry one in my backpack for cool summer nights, early mornings, and any time the temperatures go down. The quality makes it worth the price.
Lowest Prices: REI 

I love the feel of the fabric and the lightweightness of the jacket. It's so comfy and cozy.REI Review

Garmin inReach Mini 2

Garmin Inreach Mini 2

SOS & Non-Emergency Texts in the Backcountry
I firmly believe in carrying a satellite communications device that works where cell phones don't. I use a Garmin InReach Mini 2, which allows me to text messages back and forth with my family. I can let them know that I'm safe or maybe running late. I can check the weather report and share an online map of where I am. Most importantly, it has an SOS system that puts me in touch with first responders. I haven't used the SOS personally, but I have used it to assist other distressed hikers. It works. The only catch is an (affordable) monthly subscription fee. It is an excellent investment for parents and spouses who want to know where a loved one is in the backcountry.
Latest Prices: Amazon | REI

The device is fabulous. I use it on solo treks in remote places in Argentina where it is impossible to communicate in any other way, and it works perfectly.Amazon Review

Altra Lone Peak 6

Lone Peak 6 Yellow

A Hiking Game Changer
Not every hiker has transitioned to trail runners, but they should. If you're unfamiliar with the latest in hiking footwear, trail runners with a wide toe-box like these provide way more comfort, no matter what distance. They're a favorite of long-haul thru-hikers on the PCT and AT because they work. Trail runners are usually not as durable as hiking boots, but foot comfort is not the place to skimp.
Women's Latest Prices: REI | Amazon 
Men's Latest Prices: REI | Amazon 

The best hiking shoe I have ever had. Unlike most shoes, these are shaped like feet. Very comfortable.REI Review

Garmin Epix Smartwatch

Garmin Epix Gift

The Smartwatch for Hikers
The new Garmin Epix has the best of everything for a hiker. Unlike the Apple Watch Ultra, it comes bundled with trail maps and built-in navigation. The battery outperforms the Apple Watch, and the screen is the same bright AMOLED technology. I've tested all the different hiking watches, and this one is the best for the outdoors. It also performs all the normal smartwatch functions like sleep tracking, workouts, heart rate, etc
Lowest Prices: REI | Amazon 

Bought the Epix 2, what a watch, pure perfection. It bas everything you need, the battery last for days, not hours. It rugged yet refined. It us the diamond in the ruff.REI Review

Looking for more ideas? You can see all the gear I use on my gear list, updated June 2024, or check what's looking good at REI's outlet website.