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Best Gifts For Hikers From $9.95 and Up (2019)

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These hiking gifts are sure to put a smile on he face of anyone who loves hiking, backpacking, camping, or the outdoors. All of these gift suggestions have been used and tested by me – these gifts are the best of the best. And if nothing here strikes your fancy, you can see all the other gear I use regularly here.

Save yourself the hassle of going to the mall to find these gifts; just click on the links below to get them all from REI. They have free shipping over $50, are easy to return, and you can get 10% back on everything for the rest of your life by simply by purchasing an inexpensive REI membership.

I’d also recommend checking out REI outlet for gear at up to 50% off. You can almost always find a gem.

Hiking Gifts From $9.95 to $25

An inexpensive hiking gift doesn’t mean a cheap hiking gift. There are plenty of gifts that don’t cost much, but are still very cool and useful. Here are the best hiking gifts for a limited budget.

Lightweight Solar Powered Lamp

Mpowered Map

The MPOWERED Luci lamp runs off of solar power. Clip it on your backpack during the day; at night, expand the lamp to the size of a coffee mug and it gives you long-lasting LED light. For $20, it’s a steal. I keep one at home and in the car too.

lowest prices on the MPOWERED solar lamp

The Best Socks on Earth

Darn Tough Sock Hiking Gift

I know what you’re saying – “socks?” Well, these are different socks. Darn Tough Socks are made in Vermont, are super comfortable, and have a lifetime guarantee. All my socks are Darn Tough now, and I haven’t bought a new pair in years. There are lots of different color and pattern options so that your gift can stand out.

No other sock compares. – Amazon Reviewer

View All Darn Tough Sock Variations

Plan Your Next Great Adventure

Best Hikes

The Backpacker The National Parks Coast to Coast: 100 Best Hikes book is unique in that it provides detailed hike instructions AND pretty pictures. So you can get excited about doing a classic hike, and you also have detailed directions and maps. It covers 44 National Parks across the entire USA.

Backpacker The National Parks Coast to Coast: 100 Best Hikes

Waterproof Notebook

Outdoor Notebooks

When I’m in the outdoors, I usually get a million ideas. This waterproof notebook is how I capture them. You get 3 notebooks for about $10, a great deal. If you want to your gift to really impress, combine the notebooks with a waterproof space pen for $15. It’s the one you can write upside down with (if you find yourself in that position).

waterproof notebook prices

Mini Fire Starter

Fire Starter

My kids bought me this for Christmas, and to be honest I thought I would never use it. How wrong was that, it is so simple when matches or lighters would blow out or get damp this works every time. simple light robust easy to use, just keep it with your stove and off you go. – MSR Reviewer

Yea, okay, a fire starter can save your life. But it’s also a lot of fun to create a fire from scratch. This small, lightweight fire starter is easy for any outdoors enthusiast to pack and use whenever they need fire.

lowest prices on the MSR fire starter

National Parks Wall Map

National Parks Wall Map

I wish my life involved hiking 24/7, but it doesn’t. So when I’m home, I have this National Parks map hanging on my wall to inspire me to plan my next hiking adventure. And in these days of online maps, it’s nice to actually have a “real” map to look at and browse.

lowest prices on the National Parks Map

Titanium Spork


I have 3 … one for each bag I carry and one for the car. Oh, one in my travel kit for the suitcase too. Can you tell I love them? We need to reduce the plastic we dispose of, and this helps. – REI Reviewer

What the hell is a spork? It’s a spoon and fork combo, a perfect cool-yet-inexpensive outdoors gift for backpackers or hikers. It’s made out of titanium, so it’s light and indestructible. This gift could potentially outlive the gift recipient by several thousand years.

lowest prices on this titanium spork

Survival Clip Compass

Clip On Compass

Of all the button compasses I’ve ever had in my life, this is absolutely the BEST one I have ever owned. – Amazon Reviewer

I love electronic gadgets, but I always carry an analog backup (actually two), and this compass fits the bill. The Suunto Clipper compass clips onto your hiking gear (and watches). It’s a great way to know where you’re going at a quick glance. It’s made in Finland and lives up to the Suunto ruggedness standards. A great outdoors gift that could save someone’s life!

Suunto Clipper Prices & Reviews

Portable Outdoors First-Aid Kit

Medical Kit

Nothing says “please don’t die” like a first aid kit. If my mother could buy me 100 of these, she would. Here’s what I like about this kit in particular. It’s really small and light. I put it in my backpack and forget about it. It’s also comprehensive for its size – it’s got enough to handle a few people and conditions. I also like that it comes with a compact hiking first-aid manual. The case is durable and organized well.

Portable First Aid Kit Prices & Reviews

Superfood Bars


Probars are my goto trail food. These nutritionally-dense snack options pack a lot of healthy calories in a small package (great for hiking). I’m not so picky with my diet, but for those who are, these check off every box: vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, organic, non-GMO, low glycemic, and blended (not baked). And most important of all, they taste great and come in a lot of different flavors. I particullarly like these because the mix of nuts and seeds gives you a slow energy burn, no sugar spikes, which aligns nicely with the slow and steady effort involved in hiking.

PROBAR Flavors and Prices

60 Hikes Books

Hikes Within 60 Miles New York City 2

The 60 Hikes books are a great way to find lots of new hikes, and they have them for many USA cities. They’re laid out so that it’s easy to find a hike at any level and with any features. Guide information includes trail lengths, hiking times, trail difficulty, and detailed trailhead directions.

Great book for beginner and advanced hikers alike. The information is reasonably up to date and easy to follow. Would definitely recommend. – Amazon Reviewer

60 Hikes book Cities

Casual Gear For Hikers

Hiking T Shirt Store Products

I created a line of casual and lifestyle apparel to help support the costs of this website. Everything is top quality, reasonably priced, and designed by me. Every purchase you make helps support free hiking guides for everyone on this site.

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Hiking Gifts Between $25 and $50

Outdoors Coffee Maker

Gsi Javapress

I’m a coffee guy. This hiking gift comes with me on every backpacking trip, and on some cold weather day hikes. I even use it at home. It’s a french press coffee maker that’s made for the outdoors. It’s lightweight, insulated and rugged. A great gift for the coffee fiend in your life.

Exceeded expectations! – REI Reviewer

outdoor coffee press price 

Do-Everything Portable Backpack

Rei Flash Backpack

The ultra-light REI Flash backpack can do lots of things very well. It’s dead simple, light, and packs down small. I take mine with me on work trips so that I can get a hike in without bringing my bigger pack because it holds a hydration bladder. It’s also great for throwing items in for a quick trip to the pool, library, supermarket, etc. This pack has hundreds of 4+ star reviews for a reason.

I bought this pack six years ago, and I have used it nonstop since then. – REI Reviewer

REI Flash backPack Colors & Prices

Tripod Built for the Outdoors

Joby On Triee

Here’s a hiking gift for anyone who loves taking pictures. The Joby tripod bends and twists, allowing you to use it anywhere and attach it to things. I use it on to create my hiking guides– it’s small and fits easily in my pack. It works with cameras, and also comes with a little grip adaptor to use it with any smartphone. Another piece of gear that has lasted me for years.

Joby tripod options

Insurance For Getting Caught Out Past Dark

Petzl Tikka Headlamp

I never understood what good quality light looked like before this. – REI Reviewer

We’ve all been there. A hike runs longer than you thought and you get caught out after dusk or dark. Having a small, lightweight, powerful headlamp in your pack is a must. I like the Petzl Tikka because it can last up to 240 hours, it has strobe and red light modes, and uses AAA batteries that you can get anywhere.

Petzl Tikka Price & Colors

The Best Post-Hike Treat

Tirgger Point Roller

I am so happy I found the trigger point foam roller, it’s my favorite thing to do after a hike. It’s pretty simple, you just roll your body (back, legs, neck, whatever) on the roller, and the trigger point foam releases the tension in your muscles. When I first saw this, I thought it would be something cheesy like on an infomercial, but it really works. I use it after hikes, bikes, and runs.

Foam Roller Prices & Reviews

Hiking Gifts Between $50 and $100

The Pass That Gets You in Everywhere

National Parks Pass

The America the Beautiful National Parks Pass, gets you into over 2000 federal recreation areas, including National Parks and National Monuments. It works on any federal land, so you don’t have to purchase regional passes like the Adventure Pass or Northwest Forest Pass, just use this. The pass covers entrance for a driver and all passengers in a personal vehicle at per-vehicle fee areas or up to 4 adults at sites that charge per person. It doesn’t work at state or local parks though, so heads up. This thing pays for itself many times over.

America the Beautiful National Parks Pass

Hiking Solar Panel

Hiking Solar Panel

For better or worse, gadgets have become part of everyone’s standard hiking gear. Most batteries can last for the entire day, but for overnight trips or potential emergency situations, a simple solar panel that you attach to your pack is the move.

This little guy was amazing! It charged headlamps, Garmin devices, cell phones, everything!- REI Reviewer

solar panel price & review

Microspikes For When the Trail Gets Slippery

Hiking Microspikes

Whenever I hike in the spring, fall, or winter, I carry these microspikes in my pack. The concept is simple. If it gets slippery or icy, you pull these over your existing hiking boots or shoes. No special gear needed. A simple solution that saved my butt numerous times.

I have owned a pair of these for at least 6 years (mine are the previous silicone design even) and my wife’s are around 5 years old. We use these many times per year and they’ve never failed us. We are not gentle on these things; we don’t take them off until we’re completely off snow, so they’ve gone many miles across bare trails, scree, talus, etc. They’ve got a bit of wear on the spikes now, but they keep going strong. Highly recommended. – REI Reviewer

microspikes prices & reviews

A Hot Meal in Your Pack

Jetboil Stove Hiking

There is a reason everyone is giving this product 5 stars. It works great, looks great, and is extremely convenient. I don’t know that I have ever been more pleased with a purchase. – REI Reviewer

Where do I start? I’ve had my Jetboil since 2006 and I love it. It heats water very quickly, and packs down into a compact cup. Even if you’re not hiking overnight, it’s great to have in your pack on a cool day for a quick, warm lunch. Jetfboil changed the camping stove game – it’s a great gift for hikers.

Jetboil Prices & Reviews

So Much Better Than a Tent

Eno Hammock

In the old days there were tents. They were heavy and often overkill. In the last few years, hikers and backpackers have been turned onto hammocks. They keep you off the ground, they’re light, and easy to set up. Even if I’m not overnighting, I’ll often take the hammock in my pack and take a mid-hike nap. And they work in your backyard too. Don’t forget to get the Atlas Straps with it (they help set the hammock up anywhere). It’s a great hiking gift for every experience level.

Hammock Prices & Reviews

The Best Way to Enjoy a Mountain Hike

Hiking Binoculars

I bought these a few years ago and I love them, even more now that I’ve searched in vain for a better bigger pair. – REI Reviewer

I didn’t hike with binoculars for a long time. I just didn’t know any better. Now they go everywhere with me. Most hikes involve some kind of climb or view, and binoculars make it even better. I also like carrying them for safety reasons. If I get lost, I get scan the horizon for help. This model, the Nikon Trailblazer, is specifically made for the outdoors.

Binocular Prices & Reviews

Make Fresh, Clean Water Anywhere

Msr Water Filter

This is a gift that any hiker, backpacker, or outdoorsman will use for years. I’ve had mine for 10 years and it’s still going strong. This simple, tough, and effective water filter from MSR is small enough to put in your daypack, and filters out bacteria, protozoa, and general muck. Much easier than lugging tons of water around on your back.

This little pump works amazingly well. I have owned it for 5+ years now, and have never needed to replace anything on it. – REI Reviewer

MSR water filter prices & reviews

Hiking Gifts Over $100

A Gift That Can Save Someone’s Life

Garmin Inreach Gift

Your life is worth more than a few hundred dollars. – HikingGuy

Okay, so I’m a firm believer in leveraging anything I can to stay safe. This two-way satellite texting device & GPS beacon works where cell phones don’t. Hikers can share text messages with a map location from the backcountry to any cell phone to let friends and family know you’re okay. And it has maps, and an SOS emergency service, and navigation tools, and weather forecasts, and more.  It’s amazing that something like this even exists and is worth its weight in gold. (You can also check out my review and guide here.) And if you want a version that’s more affordable but doesn’t have a maps, the InReach Mini is a great alternative.

inReach Explorer Prices & Reviews

A Jacket Built For Hikers

Rei Jacket

This is a great gift for on or off the trail. This REI Magma jacket weighs next to nothing and compresses down into a small packet. It was designed to work with a hiking backpack and has lots of other very thoughtful features for the hiker in your life. I wear mine all the time.

Women’s Jacket Reviews & Prices & Colors

Men’s Jacket Reviews & Prices & Colors

The Ultimate Outdoors & Athlete Watch

Rei Fenix 5x

The ONE watch to rule them all. – Amazon Reviewer

If you really want to get a great gift for a hiker, look no further. This watch does everything. Hikers can use it for navigation and tracking a hike, you can use it for biking, running, surfing, working out, anything. And it tells time, altitude, barometric pressure. AND IT HAS TOPO MAPS ON IT! There are literally thousands of things that this watch does. It’s the ultimate hiker’s tool. I have a full review here.

Fenix watch varieties, prices & reviews

The Bulletproof Travel Bag

Northface Duffle

The North Face Base Camp Duffel is a great piece of luggage for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. You’ll see these bags on expeditions all over the world, they’re tough and have proved their worth. It’s waterproof, versatile, pretty indestructible, and works as checked luggage. They’re also easy to spot on the baggage claim. I’ve had one of these bags for years, it’s a great gift.

See the lowest prices for the North Face Base Camp Duffel

The Tent Alternative

Bivvy Sack

When backpackers want to travel light, they ditch the tent and go with a bivy sack. It covers you and your sleeping bag, adds 5-10 degrees of warmth, and lets you watch the stars at night, or if it’s raining, cover up and stay dry. It took me a while to get turned onto bivy sacks, but once I tried it, I haven’t looked back. When I’m not sure if there will be trees to hang a hammock, I use the bivy.

Prices for the top-rated bivy sack

The $600 Sleeping Bag That Costs $350

Magma Sleeping Bag

I go through a lot of (good and bad) gear as part of my work on this site, and I can easily say that this sleeping bag is a great value. It’s basically as good as the really high-end bags that cost much more. It’s light, compresses down small, and most importantly, is very comfortable. Get it with the highly-rated Flash sleeping pad for a great backcountry sleeping experience.

Magma Sleeping Bag for Women

Magma Sleeping Bag for Men

The Cool Kids Cooler

Yeti Cooler

If you’re not in the know, the Yeti cooler is the cooler that every outdoors enthusiast wants. They’re last forever and keep things cold many hours longer than any other cooler you’d get. I keep cool snacks in the car for after a hike and this works great. It’s not uncommon for ice to last for days in these things. The Yeti cooler is legendary.

Yeti Cooler Reviews & Prices

More Gift Options

Another great resource for hiking, fitness, and outdoors gifts is the REI Staff Picks page. I also list out my complete hiking gear list here, which is the best of the best stuff that I carry with me on every hike.