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Best La Dog Hikes

5 Best Hikes With Dogs in Los Angeles


LA is a dog hiker’s paradise, with tons of great trails open for four-legged hikers. Here are my top 5 best hikes with dogs in Los Angeles, complete with why they are so great. I also have a big list of dozens of dog friendly hikes on my LA hikes page here. As a general rule in LA, federal parks and lands allow dogs, local and county parks allow dogs, but state parks do not.

And if you’re new to hiking with a dog in LA, here are two quick tips.

Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon Hike trails

Distance: 1.6 miles or 3.5 miles

Runyon Canyon is the Mecca for hiking with a dog. There are off-leash areas and a robust trail system, all right in the middle of Hollywood. If you hike with your dog here, expect lots of friends and fellow dog-lovers. You can get water in the park and there are trash cans.

Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree Hike

Distance: 1.8 miles

This short uphill hike to the famous Wisdom Tree is a dog favorite because it’s tough enough to give dogs a good workout without being so long that they get exhausted or bored. The trail is wide and it’s easy to pass others. And at the top, the human involved can enjoy some incredible views.

Millard Canyon Falls

Millard Canyon Falls

Distance: 2.8 miles

If your dog loves the water and likes to explore, Millard Canyon Falls is the move. This short and shady hike to a hidden waterfall has a ton of nooks and crannies where your dog can sniff around and explore. And when the falls are flowing well there’s a small pool where they can swim.

Potato Mountain

Potato Mountain Hike Angeles National Forest

Distance: 4.5 miles

If you have a dog that loves to run and has tons of energy, check out the Potato Mountain hike. The trails are very wide, the beginning is shady, and the climb to the summit is gradual. It’s long enough to be a decent workout but not too long.

Marshall Canyon

Marshall Canyon Trail

Distance: 1 to 10.5 miles

The shady oasis of Marshall Canyon is a great place for dogs. There’s a little bit of everything. There’s shade, nooks and crannies to explore, some water to splash around in, and if you do the full hike, a nice bit of climbing to tire them out. The trail is generally wide and very dog-friendly.

Want more LA hikes with dogs? Check out my big list here!

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