Mount Baden-Powell Hike

Mount Baden-Powell Hike

Bringing you to one of the highest peaks in the San Gabriel mountains at 9,399 feet, the Mount Baden-Powell hike offers 360 views from the summit. It's a fun hike with 40 switchbacks and a manageable distance.

5 / 5
8.3 miles (13.4 km)
4:30 hours
2620 ft (799 m)
Trail Condition:
Well Marked PCT
Climbing, crowds
Known For:
Climbing, views
Best Time:
Early morning
Hike Weather:

Mount Baden-Powell Hike Trail Maps

Google Maps trailhead:
, Vincent Gap, CA, 93563, USA

Mount Baden-Powell Hike location
The trailhead is about 1:45 hours east of downtown LA. The drive through the mountains is scenic.
Mount Baden-Powell Hike 3d map
The Mount Baden-Powell hike is famous for it's 40 switchbacks. The trail is sheltered in trees for most of the way too.
Mount Baden-Powell Hike elevation
The Mount Baden-Powel hike is pretty straightforward. You climb up, then come down. There are a few places to rest (see below).

Interactive Map

Mount Baden-Powell Hike Map Downloads

hiking map on garmin fenix 3

If you have GPS device (I use this one by Garmin and I love it) for your hike, load the GPX file below into your device to navigate the hike. For help on loading the GPX file, read this article on converting and transferring to a Garmin GPS.

Also, don't rely on electronics as your sole means of navigation. There's a basic printable PDF map below, and I strongly picking up a good topo map too.

View a Printable PDF Hike MapDownload the Hike GPX File

Mount Baden-Powell Hike Directions

Mount Baden-Powell Hike

What to Expect

Turn by Turn Directions

Mount Baden-Powell Hike parking
There’s plenty of parking at the trailhead. This lot is the junction for several trails.
Mount Baden-Powell Hike parking signs
Big roadside PCT parking signs make it easy to find the parking lot.
bighorn sheep sign
You’re in bighorn sheep country. Keep your eyes open for them as you hike.
Mount Baden-Powell Hike bathrooms
These are the only bathrooms on the Mount Baden-Powell hike, so go before you hike at the trailhead.
Mount Baden-Powell Hike trail
Start hiking up the trail, to the right along the fence.
fence on Mount Baden-Powell Hike
If you see this fence when you start hiking, you’re on the right trail.
PCT sign
Look back to get a good photo with the PCT sign.
Mount Baden-Powell Hike trail
Now you hike up. For a long time. There are about 40 switchbacks on your hike up to the Mount Baden-Powell summit. The trail is well marked and obvious.
bench on Mount Baden-Powell Hike
At 0.9 miles, there’s a bench where you can catch your breath and enjoy the view.
Lamel Spring turnoff
At 1.8 miles, you’ll see the turnoff for Lamel Spring. Keep hiking up the switchback to the right.
cris hazzard rests on tree
This hike is tough. Don’t be afraid to take a break and make friends with a tree.
rest area on Mount Baden-Powell Hike
After hiking for about 3 miles, there’s a little log off the trail where you can take a break in soak in the views.
Mount Baden-Powell Hike views
The trees start thinning as the hike gains altitude, and you’ll have views into the desert to the east.
weather-worn pine trees
The hike passes some beautiful and weather-worn pine trees.
Mount Baden-Powell saddle
Almost there! At 4 miles you come to the Mount Baden-Powell saddle, which has breathtaking views.
Mount Baden-Powell Hike trail
Take your time hiking on the saddle. There are a lot of great photo opportunities.
Mount Baden-Powell Hike trail junction
At the end of the saddle, you’ll come to a trail junction where the PCT splits off. Keep hiking straight (up, ouch).
trail mileage sign
The last trail mileage sign before the summit.
Wally Waldron tree
Stop to see the Wally Waldron tree, said to be 1500 years old. After paying homage to the tree, keep heading up the last stretch of the hike to the Mount Baden-Powell summit.
Wally Waldron tree
The Wally Waldron tree is a great place to have a seat and take in the views again.
monument to Lord Baden-Powell
You made it to the Mount Baden Powell summit! There’s a monument to Lord Baden-Powell here.
 American flag on Mount Baden-Powell Hike
The summit sometimes has a large American flag.
cris hazzard on Mount Baden-Powell Hike
Spend some time taking in the views, grab a bite, and hike down the way you came. This hike is a tough one, you should be proud.

A quick note. These directions are meant as a guide for the hike, and not a definitive source. Conditions change, and the information here can be different based on time of day, weather, season, etc. There can be small side trails that you might see but I missed. I have made every effort to include all the information you need to complete the hike successfully. I recommend using this guide in conjunction with a map, GPX file, common sense, and call to the ranger station or park office. If you do the hike and notice something has changed, please contact me and I will update the guide.