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Hike Apache Peak Ca On The Spilter Peak Trail
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Hike Apache Peak (CA) on the Spilter Peak Trail

  • 11 miles - Hard Effort
  • 5-6 Hours (Total)
  • Not Often Hiked
  • 2,680 Total Feet of Climbing
  • Max Elevation of 7,567 feet
  • No Dogs Allowed

Apache Peak is not on most hiker's radars, but it should be. It offers a little bit of the best of everything in SoCal hikes. First, you have a mellow 2600-foot climb on the Spitler Peak Trail, which you'll probably have all to yourself. Then a short stretch on the PCT brings you to Apache Peak, with spectacular views from the "desert divide." You'll see from Palm Desert to Saddleback Mountain, to San Jacinto Peak, and Rabbit Peak to the south. And it's also on the Sierra Club's 100-Peak list if you're a peak-bagger.

In this Guide:
  • Video and Turn-by-Turn Directions to Hike Apache Peak (CA)
  • Where to Park for the Spitler Peak Trail Hike Start
  • Insider Tips and Recommendations

Where is Apache Peak?

The hike to Apache Peak starts south of Idyllwild in Mountain Center, CA, at the Spitler Peak trailhead. Use this trailhead address:
Spliter Peak Trail, Mountain Center, CA 92561

Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 3
You'll park in a flat and sandy area just off the road. There's no official signage or facilities.

Some websites indicate that you need a parks pass or Adventure Pass to park here, but there are no facilities, so there is no need for a pass.

Hike Apache Peak Ca On The Spilter Peak Trail Parking
The trailhead is a bit hidden just past the parking area.

Apache Peak Permits

There's conflicting information on whether a wilderness permit is required or optional. Completing the permit only takes a few minutes and helps the park service, so I recommend doing it. You can get the PDF form online, fill it out, and fax it in (you can find free fax services if you Google them). You can also visit the San Jacinto Ranger Station in Idyllwild and fill out a permit outside the entrance. Or not.

Gear For the Hike

This is a backcountry hike in the mountains; you should prepare accordingly. In the winter, the trail, especially the PCT section, can be covered in snow and dangerous to traverse. In the summer, thunderstorms can pop up over this transitional area at the edge of the desert.

Gear That I Love Right Now

Nothing is sponsored or promoted, just the actual gear that I use.

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Gear Topo Pursuit
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Gear Epix Pro Up Ahead
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Hikelite 26 Gear
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Check out the complete list here. ( Updated May 2024)

Apache Peak Trail Maps

You'll take the Spitler Peak Trail 3E22 from the parking area to the PCT. After a short stretch on the PCT we'll branch off on a short use-trail to the summit of Apache Peak.

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Use This Map:
View in CalTopo | PDF Map | GPX File

Elevation Profile

Hike Apache Peak Ca On The Spilter Peak Trail Elevation
Here's the one-way elevation profile. The climbing is gradual with a few small steeper sections.

3D Map

Hike Apache Peak Ca On The Spilter Peak Trail 3d Map 2
The climb starts gently and then gets steeper, with a series of switchbacks before the Spitler Peak Trail ends at the PCT. Instead of hiking right to Spitler Peak, we'll go left on the PCT, along the desert divide, to Apache Peak.

Did Apaches Live Here?

Stereo 5626 000217528
Here's what Apache warriors looked like in 1873, about the same time Apache Peak was named.

Although Apache lived over 100 miles east of this hike in what is now Arizona, they were famous for their long-range raids that spread as far as Utah, Colorado, and the Pacific Ocean. The Chumash people of Southern California have an oral history of battles between them and the Apache. Apache arrowheads were found at what is now Apache Springs, and the peak got its name shortly after that. Perhaps the raiding Apache used the area around the mountain as a place to camp and hideout. I've no proof that Apache stayed around the peak, but it's not hard to envision.

And although Afghanistan is often touted as the USA's longest war, the war against the Apache lasted longer, from 1849 to 1886. The US government continued fighting isolated Apache until the 1920s. Many Apache fled to the northern Sierra Madre in Mexico, raiding ranchers and Mormon settlers until the 1930s.

Apache Peak Hike Directions

Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 4
Look for signs at the easy to miss trailhead.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 6
The beginning of the hike is flat-ish as you pass into the San Jacinto Wilderness.This is what makes a Wilderness Area special.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 5
Look up from the start of the hike  to spot Apache Peak in the distance.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 2
As you navigate this first flat section you'll start to see evidence of the 2013 Mountain Fire, which devastated this whole area.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 7
The flat section approaches the slope on the right, which we'll start to climb.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 8
And then you start the climb through the boulder field. This southern part of San Bernardino National Forest feels more like East County San Diego than the nearby San Jacinto high peaks.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 9
As you climb you'll start to see Lake Hemet in the distance to your right.

Lake Hemet was formed in 1895 when the Lake Hemet Dam was completed. At the time, it was the largest solid masonry dam in the world. And if you ever watched the 1980s show Airwolf, the main character lived in a cabin on its shores. At least in the b-roll.

Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 10
There are a couple of nice viewpoints to stop and have a drink or snack during the first half of the climb. I marked them in the GPX file.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 11
After a long gradual climb to the east, you have one switchback and head back west toward Apache Peak.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 12
As you climb back you'll get nice views of Tahquitz Peak.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 13
And then the trail winds around and Apache Peak is just in front of you.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 14
When you enter the burn area the first half of the climb is done.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 15
Enjoy the flat section as it winds along the canon.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 16
You'll cross a small creek, which I've marked in the GPX file, that often has decent water.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 17
And then you start the second half of the climb, which is markedly steeper than first half. Luckily there are switchbacks to help ease the grade.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 18
The trail can be overgrown, but it's not too bad. The trail is always there and easy to find.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 19
As you continue to climb, Spitler Peak comes into view.

The story behind Spitler Peak is an interesting one with many bizarre intersections. Spitler was a squatter who lived on the nearby Forbes Ranch in the 1890s. He was driven off the property, but his name appeared on this peak when the 1944 topographic map was published. Then in the 1960s, Forbes Ranch became the epicenter of LSD production when Timothy Leary and Brotherhood of Eternal Love set up shop there. Today Forbes Ranch is owned by YouTuber Logan Paul, who became infamous for joking around after finding a suicide victim in one of his videos.

Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 20
At the end of the climb you come out at the PCT. You'll be making the left here to head to Apache Peak.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 21
Here's the sign at the junction.

You'll see Spitler Peak Trail (which you just ascended) listed as a PCT alternative. After a PCT hiker died near Apache Peak after slipping on ice in 2020, the PCT Association established this alternative route between here and Black Mountain, which skips the sometimes snowy and icy higher peaks.

Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 33
You’ll get great views of Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley from the junction.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 22
Continue on the PCT. In the spring this is like a hiker highway with northbound PCT hikers. Later in the season you'll be lucky to see anyone aside from the odd local or southbound PCT hiker.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 23
There's some more uphill on the PCT.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 24
After some climbing you arrive at a false summit.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 25
And then you'll see the double Apache Peak. The higher (and prettier) peak is on the left, which is where we're going.
Hike Apache Peak Ca On The Spilter Peak Trail Topo
If you look at the USGS topographic map, you'll see the unique feature of the name appearing twice for the two peaks.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 26
Go straight past the spur trail on the right to Apache Spring.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 27
And shortly after that we're going to hop off the PCT and head up the use trail to the left. The use trail follows a gully in the beginning.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 28
Follow the trail along the gully.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 29
And then it's a bit of a choose your own adventure. The trail can be hard to follow at times but it's there.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 30
You want to head to the right of the far boulder on the ridge, and then make a left once past it.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 31
And here you are at the summit of Apache Peak.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 32
There's a trail register in the boulders.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 34
To the north you have views to San Jacinto Peak.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 35
To the west is the Garner Valley and Lake Hemet.
Hike Apache Peak Ca Directions 36
To the south you can see Toro Peak (the high peak on the right). On the left is Rabbit Peak.
Hike Apache Peak Ca On The Spilter Peak Trail Cris Hazzard
That's the hike. On the way back you can bag the other Apache Peak and Spitler Peak if you have the energy. There are use trails for both, but it should only add a mile or so to the total hike. Or just head back the way you came and enjoy the views.

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