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Mugu Peak Hike Featured
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Hike Mugu Peak Trail

  • 3 miles - Moderate Effort
  • 2 Hours (Total)
  • 1,270 Total Feet of Climbing
  • Max Elevation of 1,266 feet
  • No Dogs Allowed

Don't let the short distance fool you; the hike up to Mugu Peak is challenging, climbing 1200 feet in about a mile. But with great effort comes a great reward, and the views from the summit of Mugu Peak are spectacular, from the high peaks of the Santa Monica Mountains to the Channel Islands. And while you're suffering on the climb, let your mind wander by thinking about the trail you are on, used by the native Chumash peoples for over 7,000 years. The Mugu Peak Trail is a fun adventure that's worth the effort.

In this Guide:
  • Video and Turn-by-Turn Directions to Hike the Mugu Peak Trail
  • Where to Park for the Mugu Peak Trail
  • Insider Tips & Recommendations

Where is Mugu Peak?

The trailhead for Mugu Peak, up the Chumash Trail, is right off the Pacific Coast Highway in Point Mugu State Park. The trailhead doesn't have any official parking area or park signage, so you have to keep your eyes open for it. Use these GPS addresses:
Chumash Trailhead, Malibu, CA 90265 or 34.09171787401509, -119.06571593445499

Hike Mugu Peak Trail 3
Look for the dirt parking area on the side of the road.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 2
The lot is a decent size and is across from the old Navy Seabee gunnery range (with the tower across the street).

There is no parking pass needed here.

Hike Mugu Peak Trail 1
The trailhead is at the end of the parking lot.

This hike is best done at sunrise or sunset when the crowds and temps are not too bad.

Gear For the Hike

This isn't a long hike, and you are best served with light hiking gear or fitness clothes. You're going to want good footwear for the dirt and rocks, and trekking poles will be helpful on the steep slopes. The coastal weather is often variable, it can be foggy or clear depending on the winds and season.

Gear That I Love Right Now

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Mugu Peak Trail Maps

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Use This Map:
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Elevation Profile

Hike Mugu Peak Trail Elevation
Not many climbs in SoCal do 1200 feet of climbing in 1 mile, but the Mugu Peak Trail does. On the way back down, we'll take a gentler slope so that we can enjoy the ocean views.

3D Map

Hike Mugu Peak Trail 3d Map
We're going to hike in a clockwise lollipop loop. The view on this 3d map is accurate; it's a tough climb directly from the coast.

Hike Brief

Chumash Village
Point Mugu and the valleys above it were originally Chumash lands. The Chumash would hunt and fish along the coast, and then bring it up to villages in the valleys behind Mugu Peak. Image Museum of Ventura County

Mugu Peak Hike Directions

Hike Mugu Peak Trail 4
Start at the unmarked trailhead at the end of the parking lot.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 5
Right from the gun it's a steep uphill. This is the Chumash Trail.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 6
Avoid the small trails heading off the main trail. Keep heading uphill on the wide trail.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 7
You'll be able to see the trail winding up in front of you.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 8
Take breaks and turn around to admire the view. In the distance are the Channel Islands of Anacapa and Santa Cruz (the big one).
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 9
There are some trail posts along the way, but they're pretty random.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 10
The trail is rocky and can be loose. Look for the sections that don't have gravel, which is easier to ascend.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 11
As you ascend you'll start to see the saddle. We're hiking to the saddle, and then up toward Mugu Peak on the right.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 12
After about 0.3 miles the grade eases up for a second.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 13
And you can see it get steeper again shortly.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 14
Keep hiking up the steep section.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 15
And when you get to the t-junction, make the hard left.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 16
You'll wind around to the saddle and see the trail going up the slope to the right.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 17
The section ahead is steep.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 18
Before you ascend you'll get nice views of the La Jolla Valley and La Jolla Peak in the distance. The valley here was a popular place for Chumash settlements.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 19
Okay, grind your teeth and head up the last real steep section.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 20
Look behind you to see the Navy satellite tracking station on Laguna Peak, the westernmost peak in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 21
And off to your right is the spectacular Boney Mountains range by Sandstone Peak. These are the tallest peaks in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 22
One last little section of uphill to Mugu Peak.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 23
And soon you'll see the flag in the distance.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 24
Here you are at Mugu Peak! The flag was placed here by the Chief Petty Officers Association after 9/11.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 25
To the north is the Naval Air Station and Mugu Lagoon.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 26
To the south is Sandy Dune, formed by the winds off the ocean blowing sand up the mountain.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail San Nicolas
And on a clear day you can see San Nicolas Island, the most remote of all the Channel Islands. It is the site inhabited by the famous "Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island" and now serves as a Navy munitions testing base. It was also a candidate for detonating the world's first atomic bomb during the Manhattan Project (which ended up happening in New Mexico).
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 27
When you're done at the summit, continue down the other side. you'll see the trail unfold in front of you.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 28
And if you look down, you'll see the loop trail that you'll return on.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 29
When you see the large trail off to your right, make the turn.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 30
Now you have a gentle descent down an old dirt road along the ridge. Enjoy the views.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 31
The views of Santa Cruz Island are great from here.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 32
You'll round a bend and see the Chumash Trail that you came up on below.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 33
When you get to the t-junction where you came up, make the left and continue downhill.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 34
The downhill is steep so watch your step.
Hike Mugu Peak Trail 35
And in about 3 miles you're back where you started!

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