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Terri Peak Hike Featured
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Terri Peak Hike at Lake Perris

  • 5 miles - Moderate Effort
  • 2-3 Hours (Total)
  • 1,100 Total Feet of Climbing
  • Max Elevation of 2,569 feet
  • No Dogs Allowed

what does this mean?

The hike to Terri Peak, which towers over Lake Perris and offers panoramic views, is a hidden gem. It's located in Lake Perris State Recreation Area, a park noted more for water sports than hiking. The trail to Terri Peak climbs through boulders and offers plenty of gradual sections to catch your breath and take in the views. You can either hike to the top and back, or you can do the full loop for even more views.

In this Guide:
  • Video & Turn by Turn Directions For the Terri Peak Loop Hike
  • Trailhead Directions at Lake Perris State Recreation Area
  • Insider Tips for the Hike

When planning, always check the park website and social media to make sure the trails are open. Similarly, check the weather and road conditions.

Getting to the Terri Peak Trailhead

There are a few ways to hike to Terri Peak, and this guide will show you the loop hike which I find the most beautiful. You'll do most of the hike between the lake and the mountain, which offers great views going up and down.

There is an entry fee for the park unless you have a California State Parks Pass.

The trailhead is next to the Ya'i Heki' Regional Indian Museum (pronounced ya-hee eh-key and meaning "home of the wind" in Cahuilla). You can use this trailhead address:
17801 Lake Perris Dr, Perris, CA 92571

Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 2
The museum is not always open, and when it's not, you can't use the parking lot there.

If the parking lot at the museum is closed, you can park nearby at the Fisherman's Lot.

Terri Peak Alternate Parking
The Fisherman's Lot is a 10 minute walk on the side of the road to the trailhead.

There are bathrooms at both parking lots.

Gear for the Hike

This entire hike is exposed, so when the sun is out, it can be brutal. Bring sun protection and lots of water (at least 1.5L). I hike this with light hiking gear, but you can certainly get away with fitness clothes.

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Terri Peak Loop Trail Maps

The first part of the hike is on small trails that, for the most part, are easy to follow. There are small, unmarked use-trails that branch off at points, but I've noted most of them in the directions below. After the peak you'll descend on larger trails that are shared by mountain bikes. The last part of of the loop ends at a road. If you've parked at the museum, there's a 5 minute walk in the dirt along the side of the road. If you parked at the Fisherman's Lot, you walk on the paved pedestrian path to the start.

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Elevation Profile

Terri Peak Hike Elevation

3d Map

Terri Peak Hike 3d Map
The hike climbs 1100 feet from the start and then loops back on a long downhill with a flat section at the end. Most of the trail is between Lake Perris and Terri Peak, so you get great views all the way.

Hike Brief

Jackrabbit At Terri Peak
You lookin' at me? Keep your eyes open for black-tailed jackrabbits which are numerous on the hike.

Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions

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Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 3
Walk up to the parking lot at the museum if you didn't park there.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 4
The small trailhead is at the far side of the parking lot, past the building.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 5
The trail is small but easy to follow. You start heading uphill from the gun.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 6
After a few minutes there's a vista point off to the left. Check it out and then continue uphill.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 7
You'll see a number of smaller use-trails branching off the main trail, many of them visiting overlooks. Stay on the bigger (and more well-trodden) main trail.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 8
You'll pass through some boulder fields.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 9
There's a false peak in the distance as you start the hike, but after clearing the boulder fields, you'll start to see Terri Peak.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 10
This section has several side trails to overlooks. Stay on the main trail toward Terri Peak in the distance.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 11
There's one short steep section at this part of the trail.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 12
After the steep section, the trail levels out and you'll see Terri Peak in front of you.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 13
When you get very close to the peak, take the trail to the right to head to the summit area.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 14
Here's the summit, covered in fog. The summit area is big with lots of viewpoints in all directions.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 15
This rock is the main spot where folks take shots with the lake in the background. From here you can see San Jacinto, San Gorgonio, Angeles National Forest, Saddleback Mountain, and south to the mountains around San Diego. Or just fog...
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 16
Here's the view of Lake Perris without the fog. The small island in the lake is Alessandro Island, which has a short hiking trail on it.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 17
From the summit, look for the wide trail to the north and head downhill. From here on out you'll be sharing the trail with mountain bikes.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 18
The trail winds over a plateau on the top of the mountain.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 19
When the trail winds around to the east, continue right, avoiding any smaller use-trails.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 20
The trail crests a small rise and then has sweeping views of Moreno Valley to the north.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 21
The trail winds back toward Lake Perris as you continue to descend.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 22
When you get to the junction, go straight through.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 23
After the last intersection the trail splits, stay left. To the right are overlooks.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 24
Lake Perris and Alessandro Island come into view as the trail heads southeast.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 25
There's a small spit where you can go either way.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 26
And at the top of the rise after the split, stay straight.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 27
Soon you'll get to a dirt road. Make the left onto the road.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 28
After a short way, look for the cutoff trail to the right.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 29
Then bear right onto the road into the horse campground.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 30
Go through the horse campground and then stay left on the road through the camp.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 31
At the end of the campground look for the trail off to the right.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 32
The trail is nice and flat as it heads back to the start along the lake. You'll have nice lake views as you cruise back.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 33
When the trail comes to the road, cross over.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 34
Follow the trail along the other side of the road.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 35
Eventually the trail bends to the left as it comes to another road.
Terri Peak Loop Hike Directions 36
And then when you reach the road, it's almost done. Head up the road to the museum if you parked there (10 min walk), or else head down the path on the left back to the Fisherman's Lot.

Have a question about the guide or want to see what other people are saying/asking? View the Youtube comments for this video. Leave a comment and I will do my best to respond.

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