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Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Guide - Big Bear

  • 12 miles - Hard Effort
  • 5-7 Hours (Total)
  • 3,360 Total Feet of Climbing
  • Max Elevation of 9,952 feet
  • Leashed Dogs Allowed

Although Sugarloaf Mountain, at 9952 feet, is the highest point in Big Bear Valley, this mountain peak is often overlooked by hikers today. That's good news for you because the Sugarloaf Mountain Trail is rarely crowded, offers a good climb with excellent views, an old-growth forest, and another peak to add to your list. And while the summit doesn't have a viewpoint, you do get some of the best panoramas of the San Bernardino high peaks along the way.

In this Guide:
  • Video and Turn-by-Turn Directions for the Sugarloaf Mountain Trail
  • How to Get the Start of the Sugarloaf Mountain Trail
  • Gear, Tips, and Recommendations for the Hike

Where is Sugarloaf Mountain Trail?

Sugarloaf Trail is set back from the paved road by about a mile or so, up a rocky Forest Service road which is tough on most cars. So the safe bet is to park just off the (paved) Rt-38 at the beginning of the Forest Service Road 2N93, and then walk up the road to the official start of the trail.

There's not an address for the parking area, so use this lat/lon: 34.231438, -116.806414

Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 4
There are some wide shoulder areas when you first pull onto the dirt road where you can park. Pull off the side of the road so that you don't block other traffic.

Gear For the Hike

Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 2
The trail is very rocky. A shoe with a thicker or stronger sole will do well here. Some of the upper sections are 100% small rocks.

Gear That I Love Right Now

Nothing is sponsored or promoted, just the actual gear that I use.

Gear Inreach Mini 2
Garmin InReach Mini 2If you are out of cellphone range the Mini 2 will reliably allow you to hit SOS via satellite. You can also send non-emergency texts to just say that you're late, let friends and family follow along, and check the weather. You can see my review here.
Gear Topo Pursuit
Topo Pursuit 2The wide toe box means no blisters, an aggressive tread is great on the trail, it dries very quickly, and it has lots of cushion for long days. It combines everything I love about every other shoe into one.
Gear Epix Pro Up Ahead
Garmin Epix ProThese watches are pricey, but I use them 24/7 for sleep tracking, workouts, heart rate, and tracking my hike. It has preloaded hiking maps that help me navigate the trails and is a backup to my smartphone navigation. The Epix Pro has a great battery life, a screen similar to an Apple Watch Ultra, and works in harsh conditions when just using the buttons. See my review here.
Hikelite 26 Gear
Osprey Hikelite 26This updated version of the Hikelite 26 offers incredible value for the money. It's got a wide trampoline back, so your back doesn't get sweaty. It's under 2lbs, has deep side pockets, and is a great balance of what you need without what you don't.

Check out the complete list here. ( Updated May 2024)

Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Maps

One of the neat things about this hike is that once you leave the Forest Service Road, you are actually on the Sugarloaf National Recreation Trail (NRT). NRT Trails are part of the National Trails System Act of 1968, the same one that created the (official) PCT and AT. You can read a more about the history of the NRT trail system in my guide to the Gabrielino NRT.

Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 1
You'll see some old trail signs, but otherwise the trail is largely unmarked.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 3
On the upper elevations you'll see these old-school notch trail markers in the trees. Follow the notches and you'll be good.
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Use This Map:
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Elevation Profile

Sugarloaf Mountain Hike Elevation
As you might have guessed, you're going to be climbing to reach Sugarloaf Mountain. The trail is consistently uphill until the end, where you have a short downhill before climbing again. The undulations near the top create a few false summits.

3D Map

Sugarloaf Mountain Hike 3d Map
Once you leave the Forest Service road, the Sugarloaf Trail takes you up Green Canyon to the ridge, which you then follow up to the Sugarloaf summit.

Sugarloaf Mountain Hike Directions

Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 5
Go straight up road 2N93, also known as Wildhorse Meadow Road, from the parking area. On the left is 2N93B; don't get confused.

Wildhorse Meadow, where this road goes, was named after World War 1 when the US Cavalry realized that modern warfare made fighting on horseback obsolete. They decided to let their horses go, and the herd settled in the meadow southeast of Sugarloaf Mountain.

Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 6
Keep going straight on 2N93. There are a few turn-offs to picnic areas.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 7
2N27 splits off to the right, bear left to continue on 2N93.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 8
The road dips down and loops to the left.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 9
And soon you'll see the official trailhead parking area and sign. If you want to shave some miles off and have a high-clearance vehicle, you can also just drive here and park.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 10
Just past the last sign, look for the turn to the right. This is the official start of the Sugarloaf National Recreation Trail.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 11
Hike through the gate. No more motorized vehicles past here.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 12
Right after the start is this unique rock formation, and I'm just showing it to you because it's cool. There are several abandoned mines off the route of this hike.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 13
The hike up Green Canyon is, well, green. Enjoy the old-growth forest and small stream crossings as it winds up along Green Creek.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 14
Soon the trail gets steeper, wider, and rockier. Before this was designated as a National Recreation Trail, it was open to 4WD vehicles.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 15
Go straight over the log. There's a small trail back to the left, which is the abandoned 2N92 road, now largely overgrown.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 16
At the top of the climb the trail levels out.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 17
And soon you'll come to an intersection. Make the hard right to continue up the ridge to Sugarloaf Mountain.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 18
You can see the old NRT marker on the trail sign here.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 19
As soon as you make the last turn, look off to the left for an incredible view of San Gorgonio Mountain. You'll get more of these views in a mile or so.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 20
The trail is uphill but not as steep as the last section.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 21
And you'll wind through some lodgepole pines and shaded areas.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 22
The flat sections are periodically interrupted by short, steep climbs.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 23
You crest a high point by some exposed rock, the first of the false summits. And that bump in the distance is another false summit.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 24
As you follow the ridge you'll get more great views of the high peaks in San Gorgonio Wilderness.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 25
There are no trail signs, just notches, except for this old NRT marker getting overtaken by bark.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 26
You crest another false summit (Peak 9775) and the trail levels out.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 27
And then you have a short descent to a saddle The bump in the distance is another false summit, but a closer one.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 28
After descending to the saddle, you'll climb again towards the real Sugarloaf Mountain summit.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 29
Catch you last nice views of the high peaks.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 30
The trail levels off and you hike through some gnarled and twisted pines and junipers.
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 31
And then the summit appears. There are no views here, but there are lots of trees and a peaceful vibe.

What's the triangular marker at the summit?

Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 32
There are several markers at the summit. The summit register usually sits in the rock pile by the survey marker.
07 23 10 38 07 000
If you walk about 30 yards south from the summit you'll get great views of San Gorgonio! Thanks to Robert D for the pic and recommendation!
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Directions 33
From here, just go back the way you came. Remember that you have a small climb pack up to Peak 9775 (behind me here).

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